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5.06.19 – Generic UBL Bidding, TTS Conditional Drops & Standby Bidding

Monday, May 6, 2019

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Generic UBL Bidding, TTS Conditional Drops & Standby Bidding

Generic UBL is Now Available

The option to bid for generic sequences is now available in UBL. This option is available for pick-up only requests. This gives Flight Attendants the opportunity to bid for trips based on specific criteria, such as red flag and split trips (FOS sequences), even before these are built.

When searching for trips in Generic UBL, only the trips which are open at that moment will populate. The open sequences may be much different at the time of the UBL run.

Be sure to look closely at the trips which populate based on your selection criteria. You may need to adjust the criteria if the trips are not what you expected. As with all UBL runs, if a trip which matches your criteria is awarded to you, you will not have the option of turning it down, even if it is not what you expected.

In the UBL manual runs, if you are currently on a sequence, on legal rest or have indicated do not call, a trip which matches your criteria will be placed on your schedule, without contact.

On Crew Change there is a Generic UBL Guide and Video which will guide you through the Generic Bidding and Award process:

UBL Generic Guide

UBL Generic Video

TTS Ballots and Conditional Drop

On a mobile device, the Add Conditional Drop option is in the middle of the screen. If you happen to touch anywhere on this option while scrolling, it is possible to inadvertently add a drop to your ballot. To prevent this from happening, be sure to scroll on the side of the ballot. The TTS teams are aware and working on a pop-up warning to prevent these accidental drops.

Standby Bidding Tips

When bidding for standby sequences, use the criteria Report After and Report Before. This limits the report time to a certain window.

Ex: Report After 1000 / Report Before 1400 will include all standby shifts which report between 10:01 am and 1:59 pm.

Example of shifts you can be awarded with a Report After 1000 and Report before 1400 in LGA:

ROTA/D only looks at the calendar day (0000-2359) when awarding standby shifts and not the reserve availability day (0200-0159). Time that crosses midnight is seen in the same calendar day.In the example below, a bid for an 1815-0015 standby shift could be awarded to a Flight Attendant who requests a release before 1900 because a 0015 release is before 1900 when only the calendar day is considered.

ROTA cannot recognize time into the next calendar day for standby preferences.  It sees this award as fulfilling the request of a release before 1900 because 0015 is before 1900 within that same calendar day. 

We have asked the Company to investigate alternative criteria choices which will lessen the confusion the Release Before criteria creates.
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