5.06.19 – Updated APFA DCA Contact Information

Monday, May 6, 2019

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Updated APFA DCA Contact Information

APFA Base Officers

John A Pennel        724-513-0131
Base President       prdca@apfa.org

Lisa Barnes.           703-261-4484
Vice President        vpdca@apfa.org

Duly Elected Base Council Representatives (BCRs)

Missy Flood                   339-234-1764
Mobilizer                       dcarep1@apfa.org

Larry Holcombe Jr.         240-463-3771
General                        dcarep3@apfa.org

Stephanie Sammartino   803-389-9599
Government Affairs        Coachsammi@gmail.com

Robert Valenta.              703-855-3509
General                         Robertjvalenta@gmail.com

Tim Weston                   703-855-5788
General                         tmwdca@gmail.com

Appointed BCRs:

Dianne Britton             724-544-6979
Professional Standards/Employee Assistance (EAP)/CIRT

Claudia Frye               571-480-2858
Professional Standards/Employee Assistance (EAP)/CIRT

Christine Kolackovsky   703-400-3745
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Brian Walsh                  978-337-3914
PBS /TTS                      dcarep4@apfa.org

Assisting with mobilization will be:

Lori Gibson             703-867-5912
Mobilizer                ggiby5@msn.com

Assisting with Professional Standards :

Gaby Jimenez      201-838-3179

Charlotte Lewis:    703-728-6930



John A. Pennel
APFA Base President DCA

1004 West Euless Boulevard
Euless, Texas 76040

Phone: (817) 540-0108
Fax: (817) 540-2077


M-F: 9:00AM - 5:00PM (CST)

APFA Phone Reps
M-F: 7:00AM - 7:00PM (CST)

After-Hours Live Chat
M-F: 3:00PM - 11:00 PM (CST)
Sat-Sun: 9:00AM - 5:00PM (CST)

APFA Events

Retirement Town Hall

January 18 @ 10:00 am - 12:30 pm