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6.07.19 – ORD Base Brief JUL Allocation

Friday, June 7, 2019

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Hello ORD!

We would like to give a warm welcome to all FAs new to ORD, including 58 new hires who report in JUN.  Happy to have you here!  Please remember when contacting us, always include your employee number and let us know if you have contacted another rep.  This helps us to not duplicate work.  ORD reps are available by phone, text and email.  “Live Chat” on the APFA website is another after hours/weekend resource for assistance.

Members of the Negotiations Committee were in ORD last month, stop 4 in a system wide roadshow.  About 60 FAs attended.  While the turnout was small, the group was engaged and asked great questions.  The Team plans on posting video segments from the system roadshows on the APFA website so all have access to the information presented.  The Team spoke many times to the power of unity.  Please wear your APFA pin to show solidarity and support for the union and our Negotiation Committee!

We filed 3 new ORD Base Grievances.  Premium Economy started on 787-800 IPD flights in May.  We are disputing the current staffing levels due to the increased workload.  The second grievance is regarding how the company chose to handle the Easter “premium” flying.  The third is disputing the company programming and implementation of PBS buddy bid logic.  We continue to work closely with the National VPs Department, the Scheduling/Contract Department and the JSIC for resolution.

The monthly allocation meeting was last week.  Most of the data we receive is available to you on the Crew Portal Bidding Dashboard–targeted lineholder, reserve, total bidder and line average.  We will continue to share these numbers and any pertinent information from the call.

JUL BIDS OPEN 10th (noon DFW time) BIDS CLOSE 15th (noon DFW time)

FABRC Support     800-327-0117 option #, then 7
800-872-7456 option 2, then 5

APFA PBS MIS-AWARD Form is available on the APFA website/homepage 

Click here to go to the survey

Call Highlights:

–We will see another month with increased sit times built into many pairings.  This will continue at least thru AUG.  It is driven by Network Planning and a maintenance schedule that continues to change the path of an aircraft after pairings are created and added to the bid packet.  Crew resources is building extra time in the pairings to accommodate for unplanned aircraft changes.

–737 MAX is not built into JUL schedules

–The JUN increase in 2 day flying was driven by a dramatic increase in ODAN sequences.  We know this is desired flying, but the increase left too many of these sequences in open time after the bid run and reduced the amount of 3 day trips.  We continue to work with crew resources to find a balance we can live with.

–Please continue to share your feedback on the pairings.


Lineholder  –  1808
Reserves  –  462
Leaves  –  TBD
Line Average  –  81.6
JUL hours ORD  –  135,882
JUL hours MSP  –  892

Training Reminder: With the implementation of PBS in February, TBS (Training Bidding System) is used to bid for and to be assigned CQ training.  You may only attend CQ in your base month, grace month or 1 month early. You are no longer able to change your base month. You may buddy bid for training in TBS, however, in order to be awarded a buddy bid, all participants must be in the same status (early, base, or grace).

If you do not wish to attend early, make sure that there are no waiver boxes checked. If you have a standing bid in TBS and do not wish to attend early, please ensure that the “Do Not Allow Early Award” waiver is checked. More info is in the attached JSIC hotline

Early Boarding:  As a reminder, Sections 11.M and 14.F of the JCBA specifically state when Flight Attendants will be required to be onboard the aircraft ready to receive passengers.   Document  all violations. The data will be used to support the Presidential Grievance.

System Issues: Please continue to use the Scheduling System Issues Report Form on the APFA website to report TTS/ETB/ROTA issues.  Our team continues to work for resolutions to violations and program fixes. Fill out form here

Professional Standards:  We strongly suggest using Professional Standards as your first resource when trying to resolve conflict with other employees.  This is a peer to peer support team manned by FAs.  Jillian Bocenda is the National Coordinator and ORD Lead rep. Jillian can be reached at 847-828-1431.

Uniforms:  The APFA continues to document uniform reaction issues. Click here for the Report Form

As always, we remain available for questions.


Susan Wroble, Base President – 630-802-2268

Dray Howard, Base Vice President – 630-215-8410

Justin Patterson, ORD Contract / Scheduling Rep – 590-720-0067

1004 West Euless Boulevard
Euless, Texas 76040

Phone: (817) 540-0108
Fax: (817) 540-2077


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