6.25.19 – APFA DFW Base Brief – Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

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Hello DFW Flight Attendants,Join your APFA DFW Base Leadership and Base Representatives for a “Day in Ops.”

When: Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Terminal A: 0900 – 1200
Terminal C: 1200 – 1500
Terminal D: 1500 – 1700

We will have plenty of information to share as well as answer any of your questions and concerns. Stop by operations if you can before or after your trip. Looking forward to meeting you.

From the APFA Health Department

When notifying Crew Schedule or Supervisor (FSM) of your absence, you do not have to give a reason or explanation other than the date(s) of your absence from duty. Please do not discuss your personal illness with Crew Schedule or your Supervisor (FSM), doing so is considered self-disclosure.

Did you know??

FAR ILLEGAL (FI) – is if your trip arrives BEFORE your second trip departure, just less than the 8 FAR hours between trips. You are paid what the delayed flight value is worth PLUS the original value of the second trip.

DIRECT CONFLICT (DC) – is when your current sequence is now scheduled to arrive AFTER the report (sign-in) time of your next trip. You will be paid the combined original value of both sequences.

If after your current trip arrives you will now be scheduled to have less than the contractual 11 hours rest but more than the FAR 8 hours rest before the report (sign-in) time of your next second trip, CS will keep you on the trip unless you call them to take you off for your contractual rest. If you do not wish to waive your contractual rest down the FAR, pay protections will not apply.

LAST SEQUENCE LAST SERIES (LS) – You are pay protected if your last series of sequences cancels or if you are illegal to originate your last sequence.

Once you report, if you become illegal to complete your last sequence in its entirety, you may be required to continue to operate the sequence and split off at the latest point you pass through base, if you aren’t scheduled to pass through base you will be split off at the point of illegality. In either case, you will be pay protected for the portion you were illegal to operate.

If the originating leg of your last sequence cancels, you may be required to split on to your sequence. CS must notify you of the request to split on prior to report. If you split back on, a hotel room must be provided if the segment you are splitting on does not originate on the same day. In this case, you will be pay protected for the cancelled segments. If CS does not make a request to split you back on, you will be pay protected for the entire sequence.

FULL SEQ CANCELLATION (XI) – is full sequence cancellation. If none of your segments are flown by a substitute crew, or it is not your last trip or last series of trips, pay protections do not apply.

When Do I go Illegal? <click on the image below>


On June 6th, AA started some narrow body mainline departures from terminal B. KCM is located at B30. You can take the B Bus from the North Lot and get off at the first terminal stop. The elevator directly behind that stop takes you right up to the KCM entrance. Terminal B KCM open from 0430-1900. Also, there is a mini ops that is located in Terminal B next to the Skylink Train at B7.

Smoke, Odor, (SOF) Fume Events!! 

If you experience a Smoke, Odor or Fume Event, please contact Daily Ops at 682-315-7070. Also contact  APFA Smoke, Odor, Fume Representative – Thomas Houdek at 817-540-0108 ext. 8288 

Non-Rev Travel/Guest Travelers

Just a reminder. Make sure you do not travel on the SK list. If you need travel while out SK, please check in with your supervisor for possible authorization.

Check your Travel Companions D1,D2, D3 guests. Please make sure you have them all listed in the appropriate category. For more information please refer to the travel tab in jetnet. As a reminder, please DO NOT list a D2 unless that guest/traveler qualifies for that status under the travel policy.

From our APFA Safety Department  

Post Flight responsibilities: Once we have arrived at the gate and all passengers have deplaned, we still have post-flight responsibilities. If flying the Purser/Lead position, your additional duties require a cabin walk thru-which includes checking seats, overhead bins and closets to ensure no articles have been left behind, checking lavatories for passengers or left items and to ensure that ALL DOOR EXITS are DISARMED.

For additional information on your post – flight responsibilities you can reference the IFM < General Policies and Procedures < Post Flight Duties < Flight Attendant Responsibilities.

APFA DFW Professional Standards 

Amber and I previously mentioned in a DFW Base Brief of the importance in calling APFA DFW Professional Standards if you encounter any issues. As your APFA DFW Base Leadership, we encourage you to please utilize this resource. It’s as simple as making that call.  Tel: (817) 540-0108 – APFA Ext: 8606

Our Professional Standards Representatives are ready to assist you and help address any of your concerns.

In Unity,

Michael Truan
APFA DFW Base President
214-517-0120 cell

Amber De Roxtra
APFA DFW Base Vice-President
682-422-7179 cell 

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