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6.28.19 – APFA LGA Base Brief – Friday, June 28, 2019

Friday, June 28, 2019

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Welcome to Your New York Base Brief

Save the Dates

The Negotiations Roadshows continue to make their way to bases across the system. The negotiators will be in New York on August 15th from 1100-1400 at the Crowne Plaza JFK Airport. For those who live outside of the New York area who want to attend a different roadshow, here is a complete list.

The Phased Approach to Pay Protection Arbitration is scheduled to take place here in New York on July 24th & 25th at Times Square Tower, located at 7 Times Square in Midtown Manhattan. All members in good standing are encouraged to attend.

Retirement Seminars: EWR, JFK and LGA

The Retirement Department will be conducting the following seminars in late July:

July 29 – EWR – 1100-1400  Conference Room off of Flight Service
July 30 – JFK – 1100-1400  Third Floor Conference Room (next to Pilot Operations)
July 31 – LGA – 1100-1400  Third Floor Conference Room

These seminars cover a wide range of topics including: Retiree Travel, 401(K), Pensions, COBRA, and Medicare.

Use Your Voice to Affect Change

The only way that APFA will know if you have an issue with a hotel is if you log onto and complete a Hotel and Transportation Debrief form. This is the only way that APFA knows about problems with not only our hotels, but with our transportation companies. This includes voicing your grievances about hotel location and drive times.

Do you have $10,000 to Throw Away?

That could be what you owe the government if you fail to maintain your FAA-required, Company-issued Tablet. We have seen a rise of inspections here in New York, as well as a rise in Flight Attendants not in compliance. FAA-issued fines are personal fines that American and APFA will not pay for you, and you might not be allowed to work on an airplane until you have paid your fine. If you can remember to charge your personal cell phone, then you can remember to charge your required FA Tablet as well. It is inexcusable to begin your day with an FA Tablet that is not fully charged.

Pass Travel Verification

When you add one of your two D2P travelers to your eligible travelers, make sure that they are in fact eligible to fly as a parent, step-parent, or in-law. If your were raised by a relative other than your birth parents and want to add your “guardians” make sure that you have supporting documents including a copy of the court order to prove that they are entitled to fly as a D2P. The Company is taking pass abuse, whether deliberate or inadvertent, very seriously and you could lose your job as a result of not having supporting documentation.

It is a good idea to review who you have listed on your eligible traveler list and to review the rules of travel with your travelers.

When Do I Go Illegal? <click on the image below>

Please keep this chart with you to help you to determine when you go illegal. Don’t expect crew schedule to keep track of when you time out, it’s up to you.

In Unity,

Robert Norvell
APFA LGA Base President

Penelope King
APFA LGA Base Vice President

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