6.29.19 – APFA DCA Professional Standards and Employee Assistance Program

Saturday, June 29, 2019

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Hello DCA Flight Attendants,

For those of you that missed the earlier DCA communication, I would like to reintroduce the peer to peer services and resources provided for DCA-Based Flight Attendants.

First, we would like to welcome aboard the newest members of the DCA Professional Standards/Employee Assistance Team!

Charlotte Lewis and Gaby Jimenez are in the process of completing APFA PS/EAP training. They will soon be joining Claudia Frye and myself to assist you.

Merger Mania

DCA is unique in many ways. Not only are we a Tri-Base that includes IAD & BWI, but we are the only one out of thirteen (13) system-wide bases that recently doubled in size due to the combining of both our LAA and LUS Sisters and Brothers.

With any merger, in addition to the numerous changes, there are understandably subtle (and sometimes not so subtle!) differences in how Flight Attendants perform their everyday duties.

Here are some of the most reported areas of concern that we address:

1. Flight Attendants Refusing to do Monitor and Challenge
It is a key component for all normal door arming procedures. Monitor and Challenge must be used every time a door is disarmed.” – General Policies & Procedures 4-38-2

2. FAs allegedly sleeping in the Jumpseat, or dressed inappropriately.
Section 4-34-5 of the IFM details the Guidelines & Rules of Conduct for Cabin Jumpseat Travel

3. FAs not adhering to Onboard Service Manual (OSM) Guidelines or working together as a Team.
Service is not complete for any FA until all cabins completed their service.”  OSM: 1-2-5

4. Customers taking pictures/filming us without our approval.
Photographing/recording employees of airline personnel, equipment, or procedures is strictly prohibited.”

5. Posting a gift card/“hugs”/etc on the Electronic Trade Board (ETB) and refusing to pay after picking up trip.
Thankfully this is a rare event and sometimes it may even be unintentional. We fought hard to keep the comments section in the ETB, so please let us know if this happens to you so we can follow up.

6. Gate Agents aggressively interfering with FA duties by closing bins, making onboard PA announcements, or closing the door(s) without our input.
We have met with and contacted Stations in which this is occurring to address.

7. Tick Tock: FAs often waiting on jetway agents to arrive for customer deplaning.
Whether increased agent staffing is needed or a more proactive approach, accountability for ALL employee groups needs to be consistent.

8. Pilots not giving us notice of turbulence.
Protect yourself! If there is a Captain briefing remind them or anytime to always use FA All-Call, with time sensitive safety issues like turbulence.

We work closely with the Allied Pilots Association (APA) PS Representatives to resolve situations like this and areas in need of improvements. Charlotte and I along with other employee groups, just returned from 16 hours of APA Professional Standards Training in DFW.

Our goal remains the same. To be a safe, confidential, resource for you and all 28,000+ Flight Attendants of American Airlines.

It is especially important to remember that once a Flight Attendant goes directly to Human Resources, the Ethics Department, or Company it is very hard to “unring the bell.”

Here’s to smooth skies ahead!

In Unity and Support,
“Di”  Dianne Britton

Dianne Britton
DCA Professional Standards/EAP Chair

Claudia Frye
DCA Professional Standards/EAP Rep

Gaby Jimenez
DCA Professional Standards/EAP Rep

Charlotte Lewis
DCA Professional Standards/EAP Rep

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