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7.15.19 – CLT Base Brief

Monday, July 15, 2019

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TSA Security Checks

From time to time, the TSA will preform random checks to test our security protocols. Recently we have seen tests where someone is trying to gain access to a secure area and no one checks their ID. Don’t assume because someone is in a uniform (company or contract employees) that they belong there. If you don’t see an ID on any employee in a secured area, ask to see it or report it to the GSC or ISC. Once a passenger has deplaned onto the jetway, they cannot re-enter the aircraft. We are usually a great group when it comes to security, but we wanted to put out a reminder for everyone to be alert for anything that seems unusual. If you see something, say something.

Personal Security

We have seen some reports of Flight Attendants that have been robbed while on an overnight. Getting out and exploring different cities is one of the best parts of this job but we have to maintain our situational awareness in every situation. If you are in a foreign city, take a copy of the pamphlet that has the embassy number, the hotel information and know the contact information of the other crew members. Ask about the area you want to visit, hotel employees and other crew members can provide valuable information on secure areas and what to avoid. Have fun and explore, it’s one of the best benefits we have but protect yourself and maintain your situational awareness in all situations.

Air Quality Update

With over 700 reported events systemwide this year, we want to send out some additional reminders if you are involved in an incident:

Reference the (yellow) APFA Fume Event Card

  • Fill out a CERs report as soon as practical and report the incident to APFA at
  • If you require medical attention, call the IOD nurse to record the incident 1-844-777-8463.
  • If there are no pilots onboard, follow normal safety protocols and call Daily Ops to report the issue-1-888-222-4737.
  • Record the tail number of the aircraft by taking a picture of the certificate above the 1L door.
  • Keep a record of all reports, medical documents and any professional correspondence you have on the matter.

Allocations Update

The company reported the number of reserves to us for August as dictated by the contract to be 582. The LRD tool opened the same day and higher numbers of over 700 were listed. We asked them to correct this and they dropped the number to 627. The numbers have never been accurate on the LRD tool, but this was over the top.

The company said this glitch was due to the computer listing all the Flight Attendants who were on trip removal for special assignments.

The second inaccuracy was equated to the inclusion of the language speakers in the overall count.

The inaccuracy of the numbers is unacceptable as this has caused confusion and becomes another transparency issue that the company continues to ignore. The reserve list they have been posting when the LRD tool closes has also been inaccurate and there has been no movement to fix this. We know you have lives and need accurate information to make your schedules and try to plan for a reserve rotation. This latest error only adds to the stress already created by the system itself and we will continue to push the company for more transparency in all matters.

Professional Standards and EAP

This is a stressful time to work for this company and we can see many of our co-workers on the brink. There has been a spike in crewmember to crewmember disputes.

If you have a conflict with another crewmember, try to resolve the situation with adult communication. We’re all grownups here and should be able to have normal discourse to resolve our differences. We need to work together and support each other, so many of us have stress in our lives that may not be apparent, and sometimes we take it out on those around us in different ways. Empathy goes a long way in understanding.

If you don’t think you can resolve a conflict, call APFA’s Professional Standards first. Many times, we can find a solution to the conflict and not involve the company. This is a time when we need unity.  Don’t let the company further divide us by pitting us against each other. Call us first. 704-665-7474 or 850-712-0176.

With so many stressors on us now, each of us deals with them in different ways. Some lash out, some turn to other means to cope. If it’s just become too much for you, remember, we are here to help. Our EAP department is available to you, just one call away, 317-525-2874.

Reach out. We’re here for you.

In unity,

Scott Hazlewood
APFA CLT Base President

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