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7.19.19 – Semi-Annual Seniority List Purge and Monthly Shuffle

Friday, July 19, 2019

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Semi-Annual Seniority List Purge and Monthly Shuffle

The July 1st, 2019, System Seniority List is posted and available to view as provided for in Section 20.F. of the JCBA. The list can be found on the Contract Department page of the APFA website as well as on the Crew Resources page of the Flight Service website.

Seniority by the base is reflected in the left-most column of the Web Roster when searching by a base.

Shortly before FOI, the company implemented a schedule to complete the shuffle every month, typically immediately following base expansion. Increasing the frequency of the shuffle now moves a reinstated Flight Attendant who was added to the bottom of the seniority list to their appropriate order in a timelier manner. This situation typically impacts a minimal number of reinstated Flight Attendants on to the seniority list, as part of an agreement.

The semi-annual purge will occur next week and completed by Friday, July 26th. The purge will have an effective date of 30JUN19 and will remove all Flight Attendants with an attrition date of 30JUN19 and prior from FOS. At the same time, the regularly scheduled shuffle will occur. The updated list will be posted immediately following the purge/shuffle. You may also view your seniority number and dates on your HI8 in FOS and MobileCCI.

Per JCBA Section 20.F.2. – “A Flight Attendant shall have thirty (30) days after the posting of such list in which to protest in writing to the Company any alleged omission or incorrect posting affecting her/his seniority on any such revised list, but such protest shall be confined to error or change occurring subsequent to the posting of the prior System Seniority List.”

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