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7.28.19 – LGA Base Brief

Sunday, July 28th, 2019

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Commuting on Company Business

We are encouraging all members to verify that their commuter city address that you provided to the company is correct. You are allowed to use A1/A3 passes to commute to and from your home base and your commuter city on company business. You cannot use A1/A3 passes to commute to any other city then the one listed.

Retirement Seminars
EWR Retirement Seminar
July 29 at 1100-1400 will be held in the conference room off of flight service
JFK Retirement Seminar
July 30 at 1100-1400 will be held on the third-floor conference room next to pilot operations
LGA Retirement Seminar
July 31 at 1100-1400 will be held on the third-floor conference room

Save the Dates
The Negotiations Roadshows continue to make their way to bases across the system. The negotiators will be in New York on August 15th from 1100-1400 at the Crowne Plaza JFK Airport. For those who live outside of the New York area who want to attend a different roadshow, here is a complete list.

The Phased Approach to Pay Protection Arbitration took place here in New York on July 24th & 25th at Times Square Tower, located at 7 Times Square in Midtown Manhattan. Your local APFA leadership team attended both days of the hearing lending support to the team that presented a very strong case against the company.

DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing
The company, in accordance with DOT/FAA regulations, must randomly select a certain number of safety professionals to be tested for drugs and alcohol. If you are selected, DO NOT EVER REFUSE to be tested or leave without permission. They are allowed to test you once per every calendar month, that does not mean once every 30 days.

Selection for random testing does not remove an employee from the pool of employees eligible for testing for any period of time. Every employee subject to random testing has the same chance of being selected for random testing at all times.

What is Professional Standards?
According to the contract 33-2.E.1, if the company becomes aware of interpersonal disputes between Flight Attendants they may, at their discretion, ask APFA EAP Professional Standards to intercede in the conflict. While there are some conflicts that are beyond the scope of what Professional Standards does, most disputes and conflicts can be handled by APFA EAP Professional Standards.
The APFA EAP Professional Standards is a voluntary, confidential service which offers members the opportunity to resolve conflicts or concerns with co-workers without management involvement.  It is the lowest level of informal intervention possible.
Our goals are to:
  • Support and enhance the standing of the Flight Attendant profession
  • Promote professionalism and restore professional conduct.
  • Ensure a safe working environment.
  • Provide the opportunity to disclose and effectively resolve problems in a voluntary, confidential (though not anonymous), manner.

Who we are & what we do:

The Professional Standards representative(s) at each base:  

  • Monitor the voicemail extension designated for that base.
  • Gather information.
  • Remain objective and are neutral facilitators.
  • Act as neutral facilitators to understand the Flight Attendant’s goals and/or intentions.
  • Identify options to meet the caller’s goals.
  • Collaborates in developing an action plan to address the interests of all parties.
  • The APFA Professional Standards encourages our members to act with integrity, treat each other with honesty and respect, and take responsibility for their own ethical behavior. By promoting this standard of conduct, we ensure fair treatment for all of our members in the workplace.

Base Professional Standards Contacts

Our Professional Standards Representatives are available to assist when there is a problem with professional conduct that the parties have been unable to address themselves. Behaving ethically is at the core of professional behavior. It is what distinguishes professionals from others in the workplace. Our Professional Standards extension is monitored continually to ensure a prompt response.

APFA National Professional Standards Rep: Jillian Bocenda –

Click here for Base Professional Standards Reps

Did You Know??

FAR ILLEGAL (FI) – is if your trip arrives BEFORE your second trip departure AND less than the 8 FAR hours between trips. You are paid the greater of the scheduled or actual value of the first sequence PLUS the original value of the second trip.

DIRECT CONFLICT (DC) – is when your current sequence is now scheduled to arrive AFTER the report (sign-in) time of your next trip. You will be paid the combined original value of both sequences.

If after your current trip arrives you will now be scheduled to have less than the contractual 11 hours rest but more than the FAR 8 hours rest before the report (sign-in) time of your next second trip, CS will keep you on the trip unless you call them to take you off for your contractual rest. If you do not wish to waive your contractual rest down the FAR, pay protections will not apply.

LAST SEQUENCE LAST SERIES (LS) – You are pay protected if your last series of sequences cancels or if you are illegal to originate your last sequence.

Once you report, if you become illegal to complete your last sequence in its entirety, you may be required to continue to operate the sequence and split off at the latest point you pass through base, if you aren’t scheduled to pass through base you will be split off at the point of illegality. In either case, you will be pay protected for the portion you were illegal to operate.

If the originating leg of your last sequence cancels, you may be required to split on to your sequence. CS must notify you of the request to split on prior to report. If you split back on, a hotel room must be provided if the segment you are splitting on does not originate on the same day. In this case, you will be pay protected for the cancelled segments. If CS does not make a request to split you back on, you will be pay protected for the entire sequence.

FULL SEQ CANCELLATION (XI) – is full sequence cancellation. If none of your segments are flown by a substitute crew, or it is not your last trip or last series of trips, pay protections do not apply.

In Unity,

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