8.06.19 – CLT Base Brief

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

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Charlotte Base Brief

Good day,

We would like to send out a few reminders as we move into August.

We are having a Base meeting August 27th at 11 am in the auditorium above the food court.

A1 and A3 space positive passes given for deadheads to and from training are only to be used for transportation from/to your base or commuter city. If you have changed your commuter city, make sure you update this with the company. The company has been monitoring this type of travel.

When placing or altering a bid on the UBL, look for a red message in the bottom right hand corner. If it says “UBL Running”, the system is making a run. If you try and alter your bids during this time it may change where your bid is and not process it properly. Refrain from altering your bids while the system is processing. They are working on a fix for this early this week.

We will be getting 7 new hires in August. All 7 are Italian speakers and graduating on Aug 16. Their base indoc will be on Aug 22 and they will begin their first day of flying in CLT on Aug 23.

Scheduling has recently stated that you need to call scheduling to get the 3 hour call out pay. This is not the case. If you have checked in for your trip, there is a record of the check in, you only have to be available for rescheduling. Remember, mobile CCI is not positive contact. If you are rescheduled, refer to the rescheduling chart in the JCBA section 11, page 5, F.1.-Actual Operations On Duty Limitations. This will show your on duty limits, it is different language from the red book.

Reserve tips:

-If you want to bid a RAP, you must bid to ROC before you bid for the RAP.

-You are not required to answer your phone outside of your RAP; however, they can place an assignment on your line prior to your RAP starting. You may get a courtesy call before your RAP begins.

-If you are on a RAP while ROTA is running and you are given an assignment for the next day, your grouping may be changed on your current RAP (I.E.4-day grouping to the 1-day grouping)

-If you come in from a trip, you are entitled to a 12-hour rest. If you are placed on a modified RAP due to actual operations, you can call crew scheduling and request to be placed on the next full RAP.

-Any assignment from a standby shift has to include your standby start time when figuring your on duty limitations. The 15 minute debrief is also factored in when determining your limits.

In Unity,

Your Charlotte APFA Team

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