8.07.19 – PHL Base Brief August 2019

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

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PHL September Allocations

For the month of September, the total headcount for PHL is 2,746. Available headcount is 2,445 with line holders needed at 2025 and reserves needed at 420. Our year over year total head count is +2. Our available headcount is +6 while our line holders are down 14 and our reserves are up 20.

The company is planning to offer approximately 75 VLOA’s for the month of September in PHL. September of 2018, the company offered 34 VLOA’s.

Overall Line Average Total is 80.8%
BOS 79.3%
CLT 79.3%
DCA 80.3%
DFW 81.9%
LAX 82.2%
LGA 81.7%
MIA 78.9%
ORD 80.2%
PHL 81.8%
PHX 79.6%
RDU 80.8%
SFO 79.6%
SLT 78.9%

Overall Reserve Total is 16.5%
BOS 17.8%
CLT 19.0%
DCA 18.2%
DFW 16.3%
LAX 15.3%
MIA 14.6%
ORD 15.3%
PHL 16.7%
PHX 20.4%
RDU 15.2%
SFO 23.0%
SLT 16.2%

The total number of hours for PHL in September is 145,855. PHL receiving 140,308 hours and PIT receiving 5547 hours.

Percentages of our Sequences
1 day 26.8%
2 day 44.2%
3day 25.1%
4 day 4.0%

ODAN’s 15.6%

When bidding for September, please remember that Labor Day is on the 2nd. Additionally, we will be starting our seasonal pull down. BLQ will operate the last flight for the season September 26. ATH, DBV, SNN, and TXL will operate the last flight for the season on September 28th.

We have once again brought up the long sit times on the trips and the company is trying to find solutions to alleviate them. There were a couple of pairings brought forward to the company due to high sit times. They were able to change 1 of our 4 day trips into a 3 day trip and a 2 day trip.

In Unity,

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