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8.14.19 – APFA Opposes AA’s BizHero Hotel Link

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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

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AA’s BizHero Hotel Link is NOT a Fix

We know that many of our members have experienced major delays in obtaining hotels during IROPs situations and we are also aware of problems with transportation. Long wait times, sleeping in airports…this level of ineptitude by the Company must end.  The Company has already sent out a communication regarding a 120-day test of the hotel link, “BizHero.”

In meetings and testing sessions attended by APFA Department Chairs, AA said that this link is “voluntary” and by using this application to secure lodging, the Flight Attendant will have “waived” provisions of Section 6.B.3. and possibly Section 6.B.4 of our JCBA. APFA objects to the Company giving a Flight Attendant the option to waive provisions of our Collective Bargaining Agreement.

It’s no secret our crews already experience illegal reschedules, crew tracking errors, and  blatant disregard of our JCBA. In a period of IROPS, after long sits and being unsure of whether crew tracking will follow our contract, this is a shortcut for the Company to save money while not guaranteeing JCBA-compliant hotels for crews.

Currently JCBA Section 6 (Accommodations) is being discussed in bargaining and we will do everything possible to strengthen language, ensure quick and comfortable accommodations, and protect contractual rights. We believe this link circumvents the bargaining process and we must capture total value attributed to this item in negotiations.

We are fully aware of the Company’s intent to implement this program regardless of the APFA’s concerns, and we have made it clear to the Company that we cannot support the link in its current form.  In a forthcoming Q&A, we will outline some of our other concerns regarding this link relating to legalities, comfort, and contractual violations. It’s the Company’s responsibility to come to the table with a real fix…not a band-aid!

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