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8.21.19 – Weekly Scoop

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

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Special Board of Directors’ Meeting – Aug 26th

I am calling a Special Board of Directors meeting for Monday, August 26, 2019, 10:30 a.m. at the Holiday Inn DFW South, Fort Worth, Texas.

Members in good standing are welcome to attend all open portions of the meeting.

-Lori Bassani, APFA National President,

Op-Ed is Live on CNN!  “Keep the Misery Out of Flying”

This week, APFA National President Bassani was featured on CNN.  Below is an excerpt from the interview.

“In my role as the National President of the Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA), I represent the 28,000 Flight Attendants at American Airlines who are on the frontlines of passenger safety, security and comfort every day. While there has been much-needed scrutiny on the safety of the 737 Max, there is another urgent safety matter that Dickson needs to prioritize: implementing the FAA Reauthorization Act, which passed with overwhelming bipartisan support in October 2018.” – Lori Bassani, APFA National President

Click on the link to read the article in its entirety.
Flight Attendant: What new FAA chief needs to do to keep the misery out of flying

We Need YOU!

Welcome Member Activist DFW Flight Attendant Taylor!Help distribute information and materials for important issues and events during this round of bargaining and beyond. As a Member Activist you’ll be one of the firsts to receive accurate and factual information to share on the line.

Member Activist Sign Up Form

-Robin Charbonneau, APFA National Communications Chair,

Entering Canada with a DUI 

Any alcohol-related impaired driving charge including DUI, DWI, OVI, OWI, DWAI, civil DUIs, and wet reckless driving could render a person criminally inadmissible to Canada since the equivalent law north of the border is potentially an indictable offense (similar to an American felony). If you only have one misdemeanor DUI on your criminal record and it is ancient, you may be allowed into Canada without requesting special permission to cross the border. If you finished your entire sentence including probation and payment of all fines and restitution at least ten years before December 2018 (when intoxicated driving became a major crime in Canada), you could be considered “deemed rehabilitated by virtue of time” and allowed to cross the border again.

Deemed Rehabilitation is no longer a possibility for intoxicated driving offenses and such convictions can now render an American criminally inadmissible to Canada for life. Grandfathering may be possible for people who were eligible before the laws changed, however, although it is advisable to always consult with a Canadian immigration lawyer before ever attempting to enter the country. If you did not complete all sentencing at least ten years before Canada changed their laws, or you have more than one DUI or DWI in your past, you may always risk being refused entry into Canada without special entrance permission.

For criminally inadmissible persons wondering how to enter Canada with a DUI, the next step is to apply to the Canadian Government for access to the country. You can do this by sending a completed Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) or Criminal Rehabilitation application to the appropriate Citizenship and Immigration Canada office or Canadian visa office (there is one in Los Angeles and one in New York). You can also submit a Temporary Resident Permit application at the Canadian border for an instant decision if you need to get into the country immediately due to an emergency. Once you are issued a TRP or receive Canada Criminal Rehabilitation, you will be able to fly or drive into the country from the United States without your drunk driving charge causing a controversy at the border.

-Abby Alconcher, APFA National EAP Specialist, eap@apfa.og

PAC Member of the Month – Anita Vaccaro – August 2019

LAX-based Anita Vaccaro has been flying 35 years. Anita is one of 50 volunteers who will travel to Washington for APFA’s October Lobby Day. Thank you, Anita, for your commitment to the APFA Government Affairs Department and the APFA PAC. See why Anita supports the APFA PAC:

The APFA Political Action Committee (PAC) is comprised of small voluntary donations from APFA members to support political candidates and members of Congress who impact our job. Dues money is never used. Our PAC contributes to both Democrats and Republicans who advocate for broad issues and regulations that advance aviation safety and the Flight Attendant profession.

Elections matter! Now is the time to start building our PAC for the 2020 election cycle so please join today. A contribution of as little as $1 or $2 per paycheck will add up to have a major impact. Remember, our strength is in our numbers.

– Allie Malis, APFA National Government Affairs Representative,

Smoke, Odor, and Fume Events (SOF), Medical Bills, & the IOD Process

American has experienced over one-thousand, and twelve (1,012) reported Smoke, Odor, and Fume (SOF) events system wide to date. It is imperative that if you are involved in a SOF event (no matter the severity) you report the incident. This data is essential in accurately tracking incidents and will ensure you receive proper medical care. Always follow the APFA Fume Card to protect yourself, crew, and passengers.

  • Cabin Discrepancy Report (CDW) (Written Notification to Flight and Tech Ops)
  • CERS Report (Company Event Report)
  • IOD Report(IOD Packets are available on the APFA website and Jetnet)
  • ASAP Report (Notification to the FAA)

If medical attention is necessary – notify the Captain and Daily Ops. Then SEEK medical examination as quickly as is practical. You are not obligated to be examined only at a Premise Clinic. You may still elect to go to ANY Hospital/ER that can test for Carbon Monoxide (CO). Time is of the essence in testing; you are not obligated to wait for company contracted transportation. You may take a Cab, an Uber, or a Lyft then expense the cost. Tests administered four hours or more after exposure most likely will be inaccurate.

Sedgwick’s information is located below; please provide this information to your medical provider. If you don’t file an IOD report the Company can (and has) refused to pay medical bills.

To report an IOD 1-844-RPRT-IOD (1-844-777-8463).
Sedgwick CMS / American Airlines
P.O. Box 14434
Lexington, KY 40512
859-280-3274 Fax

-Thomas Houdek  x8288

Life Events

You may change certain elections mid-year if you experience a Life Event and your change is consistent with that event. Allowable changes vary by the type of Life Event you experience.

You must register the Life Event within 31 days of the event with the American Airlines Benefits Service Center. You must submit proof of the dependent’s eligibility to the American Airlines Benefits Service Center within 31 days of the date the documentation is requested.

Proof of eligibility cannot be submitted until you receive the request from the American Airlines Benefits Service Center. If you miss the 31 day deadline, your Life Event change will not be processed. You will have to wait until the next Annual Enrollment Period or experience another Life Event, whichever happens earlier, to make changes to your benefits.

-Cathy Sharp, APFA Interim National Health Chair,

AA Injury on Duty Administrator Team

The AA administrator will reach out to you and take care of the following:

  •  Recoding of absences
  •  Ensure salary continuance is submitted
  •  Make any necessary travel arrangements
  •  Case management follow-up
  •  Collaborating with Sedgwick and the Nurse Case Managers

How to contact your Injury on Duty administrators:

All emails need to be sent to  FA.IOD@AA.COM This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Call 800-VIP CREW, options 6,4 to reach the AA IOD Team.

– Bellia Peckson, APFA National IOD Chair,

Hotel Allocations

Check out the Hotel page for the latest allocations for the month of September. Information is published and updated as soon as the allocations are provided by the Company.

September’s Allocations:


Upcoming hotel site reviews:  SFO/L, YYZ, CUR, RIC/S, additional TPA/L

– Julia Simpson, APFA National Hotel Chair,

ROTA Processing

Why was I assigned standby when the trips I bid for in ROTA were assigned to senior Flight Attendants? 

When ROTA processes, it awards/assigns in the same step.  If a group is closed at the time the FA is processed, the Flight Attendant will either be awarded a trip within his/her grouping, assigned a trip within his/her grouping, or if a ROC bid was placed, temporarily be allowed to ROC.

ROTA does not look past the Flight Attendant currently being processed to see if someone junior bid for a trip.  This is why a Flight Attendant senior to you may have been assigned a trip included on your bid.

Prior to assigning RAPs, the Reserves who were not awarded or assigned a sequence during ROTA processing, will be used to cover the remaining open standby shifts.  These are assigned in inverse seniority order, considering legalities, standby clicks and minimum days of availability.  A Flight Attendant who was allowed to ROC could be assigned one of the remaining standby shifts.

-Renee Mayer, APFA National JCBA Specialist,

Boston Road Show

11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Hilton Boston Logan Airport
One Hotel Drive
Boston, MA 02128
(Direct access from sky-bridge to hotel)
Phone #: 617-568-6700

The Negotiating Committee visited the PHL and JFK Bases last week as part of the Negotiations Roadshow.  Last stop this year is BOS.

Save the DateNegotiations Reserve Round Table – Details Coming Soon! 

Q. I heard the Union has already made a decision on the future of reserve. Is this true?

A. No, this is not true.  The reserve section of the contract has not yet been opened.

Q. Will the Reserve Survey results be published?

A. The results of the Reserve Survey are confidential at this time, as we are currently in active Section 6 Negotiations. Once we reach a comprehensive Tentative Agreement,  there will be a thorough explanation provided to the membership as to why any changes were made to the reserve section.

Retirement Seminars are Heading West

The Retirement Department will be conducting the following seminars in September:

  • September 24th – LAX – 1100-1400  Meeting Room at LAX Operations
  • September 25th – SFO – 1100-1400  Conference Room in the tunnel between Terminal 2 and Parking Garage

The Retirement seminars cover a wide range of topics including: Retiree Travel, 401(K), Pensions, COBRA, and Medicare.

Legacy American Airlines Flight Attendants: Download a pension estimate from the Pension Service Center page on Jetnet.

Legacy US Airways Flight Attendants: Request a copy of their pension estimate from the PBGC by calling 800-400-7242.

Members unable to attend the seminars are always welcome to watch the retirement webinar series available on the APFA Retirement Page, as well as download the Good Slide! retirement handout.

Everyone is welcome regardless of base or seniority – no need to RSVP.
Remember – it’s never too early to start planning for retirement.

– Kim Coats Tuck, APFA National Retirement Specialist,

Cabin Discrepancy Worksheet (CDW)

When reporting items from the Cabin to the Flight Deck, ensure that you are using the Cabin Discrepancy Worksheet. By using this form, all of the appropriate information will be relayed to the Flight Deck and it can be properly entered into the AML (Aircraft Maintenance Logbook). The worksheet was designed to capture all of the appropriate information needed for the entries. The CDW can be used from anything to inoperative items to SOF Events. You can find more information on the CDW and it’s use in the IFM ✈️ General Policies & Procedures ✈️ Reporting Procedures.

Parking at FSU Made Easier

The parking garage is now open at FSU. Flight Attendants may use the structure for parking as follows:

  • Enter the garage at Entrance D (located on the South side of the structure)
  • Levels 1 – 6 designated for employee parking via Entrance D (crew ID badge or registered toll-tag required).
  • Pedestrian access from the garage to the TCC can be achieved using the pedestrian bridge from Level 1 or two sidewalks from Lower Level 2.

-Jeffrey Ewing, APFA National Safety & Security Chair,

As of today, there have been 5,093 Flight Attendants who have filed Uniform Reaction Reports.

Please continue to utilize the Uniform Reaction Report Form on the APFA website if you experience a suspected reaction to your uniform.

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