8.23.19 – Miami August Base Brief

Friday, August 23, 2019

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August 2019

Hello Miami! We have just a quick blast with a few topics that need to be addressed. We are getting many calls on these issues. Please continue to call us when you need us. We will put out a full brief next month.


We continue to get heartbreaking calls on this issue. When you have any pay protection in place, if you pick up ETB flying on any calendar day of your pay protection, you will forfeit your entire pay protection. If you intend to double dip, you may only pick up company time from TTS or UBL. This can be a very costly mistake. Section 10.E.3.m. below is the applicable language.

”A Lineholder may conduct TTS transactions that would result in actual flying on a day(s) pay protected by any other portion of Section 10.  The Lineholder will receive pay and credit for such time.”


You must be careful when trading Red Flag trips, especially with seat swaps. If a seat swap is accomplished via ETB, the Red Flag premium will remain with the sequence/position.

If the seat swap is done via the Position Swap app on the tablet, the Red Flag premium will remain with the Flight Attendant who was originally awarded the Red Flag.


Please be aware that you can not take more than one or two packs of cigarettes and NO alcohol into any destination in Mexico as a crew member. You will have it confiscated and are subject to fines.

In addition, with the holidays approaching, do not attempt to enter Mexico with goods that you have purchased on a different layover or in the US with the intention to take home for gifts. If the goods have tags, they might be construed as something you intend to sell in Mexico, and you are also subject to confiscation and fines.

Mexico’s fines are very high, and they have been known to smell water bottles to attempt to catch you with liquor. Be very careful with Mexico customs.


The HIGOA entry, the FOS entry used to book your own travel, is only to be used to and from training. It is not to be used mid-sequence. You need to contact Crew Tracking for travel arrangements when you are mid-sequence.

Until next time. Fly safely!

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