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9.06.19 – DCA Base Brief – Friday, September 6, 2019

Friday, September 6, 2019

KCM Changes Effective Today

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is adding a new requirement at KCM access points regarding identification.  Under this new requirement, crew members who are not in uniform will still be able to use KCM access points, but will be required to show a third form of ID.

Beginning today, if a crewmember is in uniform, the crewmember must present:

  • A non-expired government-issued photo ID; and
  • An aircraft operator-issued crewmember photo ID (crew ID)

If a crewmember is not in uniform, the crewmember must present:

  • A non-expired government-issued photo ID;
  • An aircraft operator-issued crewmember photo ID; and
  • A third form of ID, either: a valid FAA Airman’s Certificate, a valid FAA Flight Attendant Certificate of Proficiency; or a second non-expired government-issued photo ID (passport)

As a reminder, an automated enhancement to KCM Unpredictable Screening Procedures (USP) was previously enabled on Aug. 27. This enhancement include retention of the crewmember selection for USP for a period of time at all KCM access points in that airport. If the selected crewmember exits the sterile area and attempts to reenter through a KCM access point during this time period, they will continue to be identified for USP.

DCA & IAD Annual Parking Permit Application Process Now Open 

This is a two step process:

Step 1- Complete a paper form, sign and return it to DCA Flight Service. You can request this form in the DCA Flight Service office or Click Here.

Step 2- EPERMIT is the online application that must be completed for DCA and IAD parking permits.


***Current parking passes expire on Monday, September 30th.***

Attendance and Performance Arbitration

The Attendance and Performance Arbitration will be concluded September 12 & 13 at 09:00
Westin Dallas Fort Worth Airport
4545 W. John Carpenter Freeway
Irving, TX 75063

All members in good standing are invited to attend!

National APFA President Lori Bassani to Visit DCA Flight Attendants

Lori Bassani was unable to visit our base in July during the negotiation roadshow due to speaking on Capital Hill. However, she has asked to make up that visit by spending part of the day answering questions and concerns from our DCA Flight Attendants!

Date : Wednesday, September 25, 2019
Location : Crew Room (Operations)
Time : 11am – 2pm

Please join Lori and members of the Negotiating Committee for an informal meet and greet!

Sequence/Pairing Construction

We heard you, and we agree! Our trip construction and allocation of flying needs improvements in DCA/BWI/IAD.

I will be meeting with the allocations department in DFW later in September and would like to share your thoughts and requests on our sequences. I’ve asked our base manager to join me, since we all share the same concerns.

Whether it be commutable trips, one-day turns or more longer layovers, we want to hear from you!

Please forward your suggestions and concerns to no later than Monday, September 16th.

Section 6 Negotiations

As you know APFA and the Company have started Section 6 Contract Negotiations for our next Contract. Our Negotiating Committee would like to hear from you with ideas and suggestions.

Send feedback to

Contract, Scheduling and Rescheduling

  1. If you report for a multiple day sequence, and day one gets cancelled for any reason and you are continuing the the trip the next day, you are entitled to a hotel room in base. You may call the Hotel/Limo Desk and request accommodations at 1-800-VIP-CREW.
  2. If you arrive at the airport to find that your originating sequence is delayed and you cannot sign-in (SI), but you never received a positive contact notification (phone call) before leaving for the airport, you may call Crew Tracking and request for them to sign you in at the original SI time of the sequence. This will start your individual duty day, duty rigs and Per Diem.
  3. During irregular operation (IROPS), you block into your RON city but you are waiting on a hotel confirmation, you are considered still on duty and should call Crew Tracking to adjust your duty day to the point when you receive your hotel information. This could have an impact on your duty rig and overnight rest

8 Hours Behind the Door Means Just That

If your overnight rest has been reduced to FAR minimums, you are entitled to 8 hours of pure rest . Once you arrive at your hotel and have secured your room key, call Crew Tracking and have them adjust your morning departure to accommodate your rest. Note: the 8 hours does not include the morning transportation to the airport.

JCBA Section 10.J. – Rescheduling

Rescheduling is being open to interpretation by the Company. We have strict JCBA Rescheduling language and many years of past practice. Please become familiar with Section 10.J. of the JCBA. If you have questions, please contact us.

Easter Premium Pay

If you were one of the Flight Attendants that bid and flew an Easter premium sequence (Red Flag) picked up in TTS during April 2019 and have yet to receive the premium portion of the pay, please contact APFA or one of the local representatives.

Reserve Reminders

  1. A Reserve released into their days off may place an aggressive bid in ROTD to pick up Red Flag sequences by using the waiver into flex day/golden day (FD/GD). The system is programmed to identify the award as pay no credit (PNC), meaning the pay will be above guarantee, similar to an Electronic trade board (ETB) transaction. The Red Flag premium will also be paid at 50% the value of the sequence above guarantee. A Reserve released into their days off may also place a bid in ROTA for Red Flag sequences by using the into FD/GD waiver. The pay element will be the same as ROTD. The FD/GDs will not be reinstated.
  2. A Reserve released into days off will commence once the Reserve has completed their RAP, sequence or standby shift on their last available day.
  3. A Reserve on a RAP may call Crew Scheduling to be released into their FD/GD at the point where being assigned a sequence or Airport Standby shift outside of the RAP becomes contractually illegal. (A sequence report may be no later than 2 hours after the end of the published RAP (JCBA Section 12.G.2). Crew Scheduling will then place a manual release on your schedule. Advantages to a manual release could range from commuting home early, picking up same day or future ETB, Red Flag sequences or simply to create a 24 hour legal break for future flying.
  4. A Reserve Flight Attendant has 12 hours rest following a sequence or Airport Standby shift. If ROTA awarded or assigned you a RAP for the following day, and this rest is conflicted due to actual operations, scheduled rest or rescheduling with the start time of the RAP, you may call Crew Scheduling and request the next full 12 hour RAP. You must call in a reasonable time frame from debrief. Crew Scheduling contractually must move you to the next full RAP. Consequently, if you do not want a different RAP and accept the modified RAP you will be available to Crew Scheduling one minute after your legal home domicile rest is over. No call is needed to CS. If you are not legal for ANY full RAP you do not need to remain contactable to Crew Scheduling.
  5. A Reserve on a RAP will not be contacted between the hours of midnight and 0500 HBT unless the departure is within 3 hours or to prevent a delay or cancellation of a flight segment. If you are on RAP A that begins at 02:00 you are not required to check your schedule at the start , so stay in bed! If you are assigned a trip you will receive positive contact (phone call )and will have your 3-hour minimum call out time *You have up to 15 minutes to return the call.* Crew Scheduling may contact you for assignment at 8+30 hrs into your rest, but you are NOT obligated to respond until you have had your 12 hours rest,  but you may do so at your own option. It is important to note that if you acknowledge this assignment the 3-hour minimum call out time once the RAP begins may not apply. For example: Crew Scheduling is short on Reserves in RAP D you are on RAP A starting at 02:00. Crew Scheduling places a sequence on your schedule from ROTD the evening before that has an 04:00 SI. If you answer the call or acknowledge on CCI or crew portal you cannot refuse the sequence or Airport Standby shift.  Once assigned you will still have the contractual minimum 3 hrs to report but the report will be at 04:00 instead of 05:00. If you do wait till the start of your RAP (02:00) CS will waive the SI time until 05:00 (At times during irregularities your willingness to accept this type of assignment does help CS but is totally the reserves decision).
  6. Once your RAP begins other than RAP A you must check your schedule for an assignment and at that point acknowledge the sequence or STBY placed on your schedule you will have a minimum report time of 3 hours.(co – terminal language) If no assignment you will receive positive contact from CS until your RAP is completed
  7. If a reserve receives a Missed Trip for a particular assignment the FA will have an option :
    1. release from being available for the remainder of the day with the guarantee deducted
    2. remain available for the day by:
      • flying another sequence
      • being assigned STBY
      • joining a RAP

If no sequence or STBY is assigned the reserve guarantee will not be deducted. The missed trip from the original assignment will remain on the FAs record.

A standing bid in ROTA can be beneficial if you forget to place a daily bid but it can also be unwanted if you are awarded a multiple sequence after having HDR due to a standing bid . Please be aware of your standing bid!

Please join us on our local Union Facebook page: DCA Flight Attendant Union

In Unity,

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APFA DCA Base President

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