9.29.19 – Dorian Letters of Agreement

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Dorian Letters of Agreement

Hello Miami! Just a quick Base Blast to update you on the agreements that APFA was able to negotiate with the Company regarding Hurricane Dorian. It has been a tough few weeks of back and forth securing the best we could get in protections. We do not have contractual language that guarantees Letters of Agreement to cover storms or other natural disasters. Each event must be negotiated on its own circumstances and does not necessarily set a precedent for the next occurrence.

We were finally able to reach a resolution on the Hurricane Dorian Letters of Agreement. We are happy to report that all missed trips (TM) and personal offs (PO) that were hurricane related between the dates of August 26th thru September 5th, 2019 will be excused with an XX removal. This is a non-chargeable, non-actionable removal with no point value. In addition, you will still have the allotted contractual two POs. The XX will have no impact on that allotment.

You may choose to use unused vacation days to cover time lost due Hurricane Dorian. If you elect to use vacation days, they will cover the duration of the trip or trips lost and will be paid at 3.5 hours per day if less than seven days.

If the vacation days used for the hurricane pay cause the subsequent vacation to be fewer than seven days, that vacation will also be paid at a rate of 3.5 hours per day.

Flight Service is in the process of recoding the hurricane related POs and TMs. If your HI10 still reflects a TM or PO and is related to Hurricane Dorian, contact your FSM to have it recoded to an XX.

Below are the Letters of Agreement. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Until next time, Fly safely.


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