12.10.19 – APFA National Officer Candidate Announcement

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

APFA National Officers Willingness-to-Serve
Candidate Announcement

This is Cindy Horan, Chairperson of the APFA National Ballot Committee. Today, December 10, 2019, was the deadline to submit a Willingness-to-Serve Notification for APFA National President, National Vice President, National Secretary, and National Treasurer.


APFA National President
Richard “Ricky A” Alvarenga
Michael Baust
Joe Guilot
Julie Hedrick
Samuel Morales
Rod Norwood
Neosho Piovo
A Marie Plevritis
Bob Ross*

APFA National Vice President
Jason Gillespie
Andrew Lemish
Larry Salas
Rock Salomon

APFA National Secretary
Alana Billingsley
Josh Black
Donald LeBlanc
Nelson Martinez
Yvonne Perano

APFA National Treasurer
Erik Harris
Randy “RJ” Johnson
John Lester
Rick Musica*

*Denotes a candidate that has been nominated but has yet to accept or decline the nomination

Ballots & Voter Eligibility

The ballots for the APFA National Officer elections will be mailed on December 30, 2019, and all ballots must be received by 1000 CT, January 29, 2020. If no candidate receives a majority (50% plus one) of the valid ballots received for a national office, the National Ballot Committee will mail a run-off ballot to all members no later than February 7, 2020. Ballots for the run-off election must be received by 1000 CT, March 9, 2020.

Mailing Address
In order to receive a ballot, a member must have a current mailing address on file with APFA.

To update your address and other contact information, please click here.

Some candidates may choose to send campaign literature by email, so please use that same link to update your email address.

Voter Eligibility

Only APFA members are eligible to vote in elections. If you are not yet a member, we strongly encourage you to join so that you will have a voice in the choice of National Officers. To become an APFA member, please contact the APFA Membership Department at member@apfa.org or call 817-540-0108, ext. 8153.

Also, under APFA’s Constitution, in order for your ballot to be counted, a member must be in good standing – not more than 60 days in dues arrears. If you are more than 60 days behind in your dues, or if you are not certain of your dues status, please contact the APFA Dues Department at dues1@apfa.org or call 817-540-0108, ext. 8151. You must be dues current by 5 pm CT, January 24, 2020, for your ballot to be counted.

National Officer Term

The newly-elected National Officers will assume office on April 1, 2020, for a four-year term of office ending on March 31, 2024.
In Unity,

Cindy Horan
APFA National Ballot Committee Chair


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