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12.30.19 – Member Activist and The Power of Unity

Monday, December 30, 2019

The Role of the Activist and The Power of Unity

Dear APFA Member Activist,

Many of you received a hotline today asking for help. But before asking for your help I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all you have done this far in staying informed, stating the facts, asking the hard questions and sharing the information with your fellow Flight Attendants on the line or on social media.

I have a request of each of you as we enter the new decade. It’s no secret that the current government environment does not lend itself well to supporting our Unions and as National President of the world’s largest independent Flight Attendant Union, I’d like to ask for your help to strengthen APFA and all of our country’s unions by showing your unity and solidarity on the line.

It’s easy. We are launching a “Power of Unity” campaign by wearing, displaying and distributing APFA Union pins to our colleagues on the line to wear proudly on their uniform while at work. What does this small, seemingly insignificant act do for us? It shows the Company that we are unified, we are serious about getting an industry leading contract and that our negotiations committee speaks for us!

A recurring question as I traveled around the bases in 2019 during negotiations road shows, was “How will you unify this diverse and multi-faceted work group?” Well, it starts with each of you. Today, I’d like you to make a new resolution to do all you can to help “unify” our members.

The good part is that it costs nothing and you can get more union pins from your Base Presidents and Vice Presidents to help distribute. You can also help by encouraging our colleagues to become APFA Member Activists. (Click on the Activist pin above to complete the sign up process.)

Again I’d like to offer my sincere gratitude for each of you for stepping up to make this profession the best possible for all of our futures.

Here’s to a New Year and a New Decade!

In Unity and Solidarity,

Lori L. Bassani
APFA National President


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APFA National Communications Chair
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