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1.11.20 – The Scoop

Saturday, January 11, 2020

DECS/FOS Password Changes Begin – January 13th
Starting Monday, January 13th there’ll be a MANDATORY password change to access DECS/FOS. This procedure will be required every 90 days.

If you’re having difficulty remembering your current password, contact a Duty Manager or call IT Help Desk 1.866.523.5333

As you attempt to create a new password, use the chart below as a guide.


Update on Attendance & Performance Arbitration

The Arbitrator for the Attendance & Performance Presidential Grievance received post-hearing briefs from APFA and the Company on December 20, 2019. During the next few weeks, we expect that the Arbitrator will be reviewing the parties’ filings, plus the extensive evidence, and testimony presented by both sides during the five-day hearing.

This is a monumental case with many issues for the Arbitrator and Arbitration Board to consider. We are proud of the Flight Attendants who came forward to testify, and the hard work that has been put into this case to fight the Company’s unreasonable Attendance and Performance Program.  This case is now before the Arbitrator for a final decision. We will continue to update you.


737 MAX Settlement

Boeing has settled with American to compensate for the losses experienced without the 737 MAX.  AA has designated a “discretionary portion” of the settlement to the 2019 profit-sharing program, with an additional $30 million that will be distributed in March.

From a report in September 2019, the estimated losses from the grounding of the 737 MAX was at $540 million.

Wear Your APFA Union Pin! 

Read President Bassani’s hotline:


CBD Oil 

CBD oil is not produced with much THC in it, but apparently this oil is not made in laboratories that have a regulatory oversight on the amount of THC or marijuana to be removed from the product. Since CBD oil is non FDA approved, this basically puts the Flight Attendant at risk if/when it does show up on a test, and accidental use of a product equates to a positive test.

APFA’s stance is that CBD oil is not to be used under any circumstance while employed in a DOT regulated company as the airline industry.


New Year, New Look!

The APFA Government Affairs webpage has been updated and reorganized! Take a look and find information on our current issues, the APFA PAC, voter resources, how to get involved, a photo gallery and more.

Take Action Now! Ask your Representative to Support the Cabin Air Safety Act!

On the new APFA Government Affairs webpage, you are now able to communicate with your elected officials in just a few clicks!

The FAA recognizes that toxic fumes jeopardize flight safety, but the true extent of toxic fume contamination remains largely unknown. Last year at our airline alone, 1500 smoke/odor/fume events were reported to APFA’s Safety Department. Urge your representatives to co-sponsor the Cabin Air Safety Act! Passengers and crewmembers should never have to question the air we breathe on the airplane.

The Cabin Air Safety Act would require:

  • Flight Attendants, pilots, aircraft maintenance technicians, airport first responders, and emergency response teams to receive annual training on how to respond to incidents involving smoke or fumes on commercial aircraft;
  • The FAA to develop a standardized form for reporting incidents involving smoke or fumes;
  • The FAA to conduct an investigation after a report is submitted about incidents of smoke or fumes; and
  • Commercial air carriers to install and operate onboard carbon monoxide detectors.

Take Action Here


Medical Treatment for a Fume Event 

If immediately following a fume event, you begin to experience any physical symptoms (chest tightness, profound fatigue, muscle aches, sinus congestion, and a persistent cough), contact the Flight Service Daily Operations desk at IOC (1-888-222-4737) to report the event and your illness/ injury to receive the necessary assistance in seeking immediate medical treatment at the nearest hospital for proper testing of a possible exposure.

Recommended testing should include a blood test to determine exposure. Each Flight Attendant should file the applicable company report. For all odor/fume events, file an IOD and a CERS report. Flight Attendants will report injuries to a registered nurse who will be available 24/7 to accept calls:

1-844-RPRT-IOD  (1 844-777-8463)

If your injury requires immediate medical attention, go to the nearest emergency room.
Flight Attendants may also consider reporting their specific safety concerns regarding the odor/fume event to:

The Cabin ASAP program for review by AA, APFA and the FAA.

Please send reports of suspected odor/fume events to:


Upcoming Reviews

January Hotel Reviews:

GRR- new selection TBA
AMS-move to new hotel (post-construction review)


National Officer Election Ballots

Ballots for the APFA National Officer Election were mailed Monday, December 30, 2019, to all APFA members. If you have not received your ballot, contact the National Ballot Committee (NBC) at or 817-540-0108, ext. 8311 to request a duplicate ballot.

The last day to request a duplicate ballot is January 22, 2020. All ballots must be received by 10:00 am CT, January 29, 2020.


Be on the Look Out!

Negotiations Membership Scheduling Survey coming soon.


“I heard there will be a debate by the APFA National President candidates if there is a run-off. Is that a fact?

FACT:  Per the APFA Policy Manual, 14.16 P.1.


1. The NBC shall appoint a moderator and may appoint an alternate for the APFA National Presidential debate in the next election.

2. The National Ballot Committee shall coordinate all logistics of the National Presidential Debate; however, the National Secretary’s department shall make arrangements for a videographer to video record the debate.

3. Immediately following the results of the primary National Officer election, the APFA National Ballot Committee (NBC) shall deliver by overnight mail, a National Presidential Debate packet to each Presidential run-off candidate. The packet shall contain all pertinent information, directions and logistics for the National Presidential Debate.


As of today, there have been 5,140 Flight Attendants who have filed uniform reaction reports.

Please continue to utilize the Uniform Reaction Report Form on the APFA website if you experience a suspected reaction to your uniform.

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