1.13.20 – LGA Base Brief

Monday, January 13, 2020


Ballots are due in the designated mailbox by 10.00 CST on January 29th. If you have not received your ballot contact Cindy Horan APFA headquarters at 817-540-0108 ext. 8311


Social Media

Please do not ever mention our layover hotel names on social media and be careful when tagging yourself in public posts at these hotels. The safety and security of our Flight Attendants could be at risk when that information is spread. Please be as vigilant in your online life as you would be in real life.

Photographing and video/audio recording of fellow crew members, without their permission, is not allowed, particularly if you are an active blogger/vlogger. Be sensitive to the fact that not everyone wants their image on social media. The company is cracking down on electronic device use, this could get you and/or fellow crew members in trouble. Also, do not let your crew ID or other AA insignia be visible in public posts and videos.


Georgetown (GEO)

The company has agreed to pay understaffing for all crews that went without a contractual #5 Flight Attendant. Verify that you have received the understaffing. If not, contact Direct Connect via the Flight Service Page. The company has rectified the issue and added the #5 position to all future flights.



If you are having drug and/or alcohol problems, contact APFA EAP for help before it impacts your quality of work and home life. They provide confidential assistance and can assist with referrals for you and your family.  Do not refuse a drug/alcohol test because that is cause for automatic termination by the DOT. A failed drug/alcohol test can be dealt with by the APFA and Optum EAP.  Call 817.540.0108, ext 8701 or email eap@apfa.org



FAIR is part of the APFA EAP department. The sole purpose of FAIR is Flight Attendants in recovery confidentially supporting other Flight Attendants in recovery. They meet once a month and encourage members to attend these meetings regularly, in conjunction with their other recovery/aftercare meetings.

The FAIR program now has a track record of successfully supporting Flight Attendants in recovery in ORD, LAX, and MIA. New meetings have begun in JFK and PHL. Our goal is to have a FAIR group up and running at all bases by December 2020.

Members DO NOT discuss anything that is shared in the group or the identities of group  members. Members may share general group discussions with their sponsors, spiritual advisor, or licensed mental health providers if desired.

For further information, please contact the following APFA FAIR/APFA EAP Leader:
Sharon Dunn 908-512-9888 or fair@apfa.org


Calling in Well FMLA

With a valid FMLA designation on file and FMLA days available, you may call-in-well to the Flight Attendant Service Center. However, the time you notify the FASC ultimately determines your ability to Call-In-Well (CIW).

You must call the FASC between 0001 to 1430 HBT the day before you intend to be made available. The deadline to request to CIW is 1430 HBT.

You are unable to call in well and fly the same day.

If you call the FASC at 1530 HBT or 1802 HBT and leave a voicemail, the Company has stated you would be ineligible to be made available for the following day, but depending on the duration of your sequence, you may be made available for 2 days out.

You are on a 3-day sequence beginning, Monday the 28th, reporting at 2050. You contact crew scheduling at 1900 to call out sick.

You immediately call the FASC to recode your absence to intermittent FMLA.

Since the FASC is closed at 1800, you leave a voicemail requesting to recode your absence to your FMLA case on file and requests to call in well for the next day (30th) and the following day the (31st).

In this example, you are not administratively eligible to be made available tomorrow as you missed the cut off time of 1430 HBT to be made available the following day. However, a FASC Representative will call you back in the morning explaining they were unable to make you available on the 30th as your request was past the 1430 HBT request deadline, but they will make you available the 31st.

Lineholders (JCBA Section 9.D.1.c.)
You may call in well at any time to pick up a sequence via TTS/UBL on days other than the first day of the sequence you called in sick.

If you call out sick for a trip over a weekend or holiday, and you call in well, you will not be restricted to the same number of weekend days. You will only need to pick up a trip that includes at least a weekend day or a holiday.

Reserves (JCBA Section 9.D.2.d.)
You must notify Crew Scheduling prior to 1430 HBT on the day prior to the RSV day to be available for ROTA processing.

If you notify Crew Scheduling after 1430 HBT the day prior, Crew Scheduling will not provide consent for the following day but may provide consent for 2 days out. You will be charged sick for the following day and will not be available to the company.

If you call in well, you may pick-up sequences via ETB for a future date.


In Unity,

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