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2.05.20 – PHL Allocations March 2020

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

PHL Allocations –  March 2020

For the month of March our total headcount is 2631. The available headcount is 2408 with line holders needed at 1967 and reserves needed at 441. Our year-over-year head count is 2682 which is down by 51. Our available headcount was 2371 which is up 37 and our reserves are down 12.

The company is planning on offering 45 VLOA’s for the month of March. March of 2019, the company offered 65 VLOA’s. We did request additional VLOA’s.

The overall line average is 78.0%

BOS 78.4%
CLT  77.5%
DCA 78.2%
DFW 76.0%
LAX 78.4%
LGA 80.9%
MIA 78.7%
ORD 78.2%
PHL 78.2%
PHX 77.8%
RDU 84.6%
SFO 77.5%
SLT 76.8%

Overall total reserve is 18.6%

BOS 21.0%
CLT  21.3%
DCA 19.1%
DFW 20.7%
LAX 13.1%
LGA 15.6%
MIA 16.7%
ORD 18.2%
PHL 18.0%
PHX 23.7%
RDU 22.2%
SFO 22.4%
SLT 17.0%

The total number of hours for PHL is 137,253, PHL will have 131,458 hours and PIT will have 5795 hours.

Percentages for our sequences:
1-days: 20%
2-days: 21%
3-days: 54%
4-days: 5%
ODAN’s: 15.3%

We had a decrease in ODAN’s. We will be monitoring this in future months. The reserve numbers are higher than we expected.  We voiced our disdain to the Company, as did all other bases.

We will start to see some seasonal flying return at the end of the month with BCN, EDI, and LIS return the last week of March. In addition the 2nd LHR will return on March 29th.  Please keep in mind that on March 28th MAN is going from the B787 to B767 and AMS from the B787 to A330-200.  ZRH will continue to operate on the B787.  The B787 will also operate domestically in March.

When bidding for March, please keep the following dates in mind:

March 8th US daylight savings
March 29th daylight savings rest of the world.

In Unity & Solidarity,

Kim Kaswinkel
APFA PHL Base President

Tracey Montanari
APFA PHL Base Vice President

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