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2.20.20 – Negotiations Update

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Negotiations Update

Dear APFA Member Activist,

In keeping with our commitment to provide our Member Activists with up-to-date, factual information to share on the line, the Negotiating Committee would like you to know where we stand at the bargaining table.

Questions have arisen from some of our Member Activists asking us to clarify some of the terms we use in negotiations. In addition to the notifications, we will add clarification on terms used during the negotiations process. Our committee decided to begin with the two we are using in this hotline.

All sections of the contract are considered available to both parties at the table. They remain closed until one or both chooses to make a change.

Once a party makes its first changes to a Section, the Section is considered open and available to both parties to make changes to the current language. Upon completing the changes one party wishes to make to a Contract Section a proposal is passed at the negotiating table to the other party for review and to make changes of their own or to accept. Once that is done, the proposal(s) are passed back and forth between the parties until an agreement is made, at which time the item will be considered TA’d (Tentatively Agreed).

Remember to keep up with the latest changes and updates happening at the negotiations table and with all of the APFA departments by visiting APFA’s official website:

The following Sections were passed between APFA and the Company last week:

Section 5: Moving Expenses

— 02/14/20 – APFA passed to AA
— 02/14/20 – AA passed to APFA

Section 6: Crew Accommodations

— 02/14/20 – APFA passed to AA

Section 19: Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF)

— 02/14/20 – APFA passed back to AA
— 02/14/20 – AA passed back to APFA

Section 22: Vacancies

— 02/14/20 – APFA passed back to AA

Section 23: Reduction In Force

— 02/14/20 – APFA passed to AA
— 02/14/20 – AA passed to APFA

Section 38: Crew Rest

— 02/14/20 – APFA passed to AA


In Unity,

APFA Negotiating Committee
Lori Bassani – APFA National President
Sara Corrigan
Kelly J. Hagan
Paul Hartshorn, Jr.
Timothy Legeros
Brian Morgan
Mario St. Michel

1004 West Euless Boulevard
Euless, Texas 76040

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Fax: (817) 540-2077


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