3.06.20 – PHL Allocations

Friday, March 6, 2020

PHL Allocations April 2020

For the month of April our total headcount is 2609. The available headcount is 2310 with line holders needed 1945 and projected reserve headcount 365 (292 plus 73 New Hires). Our year-over-year headcount is 2682 which is down by 73. Our available headcount was 2437 which is down 127 and our reserves are down by 66.

The Company is planning on offering 141 VLOA’s for the month of April.  In April 2019 the Company didn’t offer any VLOA’s.  As many of you may have read, a LOA was signed to potentially allow the Company to offer a VOLO (Voluntary Open Line Option) to all bases.  This will ONLY be offered after VLOAs at the Company’s discretion. There is no guarantee they will be offered, so if you need the month off, I would highly recommend you put in for the VLOA.

The VOLO LOA was born from the initial cancellations of the China routes in DFW and LAX. This is the Company’s version of a partial month VLOA. We have language in the contract for a partial VLOA however, it was never programmed or tested on how they could do this in a PBS bidding world, as far as how the TCR would work etc.

IF someone is awarded the VOLO you will basically have an open time line and you are free to pick up flying on TTS/UBL or ETB. You also do not have to fly at all, it is basically a VLOA with the option to fly.  Please keep in mind once you pick up something if you are not above 40, the systems will not allow you to drop or trade that trip.  If you pick up above 40 then you would have flexibility to drop and trade, but only to the 40 hour floor.

The overall line average is 79.8

BOS 78.0
CLT  78.1
DCA 77.9
DFW 81.9
LAX 82.1
LGA 79.9
MIA 78.5
ORD 78.2
PHL 79.0
PHX 78.5
RDU 82.2
SFO 78.4
SLT 78.4

Overall total Reserve is 16.7%

BOS 15.0%
CLT  18.9%
DCA 15.1%
DFW 19.1%
LAX 14.9%
LGA 12.1%
MIA 16.3%
ORD 14.3%
PHL 14.9%
PHX 21.9%
RDU 20.9%
SFO 18.2%
SLT 20.5%

The total number of hours for PHL is 141,698, PHL will have 135,716 hours and PIT will have 5,982 hours.

Percentages of our sequences:

1-Day: 23%
2-Days: 22%
3-Days: 52%
4-Days: 3%
ODAN’s: 14.8%

We once again had a decrease in ODAN’s. We reminded them that ODAN’s are very popular, and asked the Company to look into this.

When bidding for April please remember there are several holidays.  Palm Sunday is April 5th, Passover is April 8th, Good Friday is April 10th, Easter is April 12th. Also, there are many special flying/events going on in April such as the continuation of Spring Break, Master’s Golf Tournament, Coachella, Patriots Day, Furniture Mart, Berkshire Hathaway, and the Kentucky Derby.

In Unity and Solidarity,

Kim Kaswinkel, PHL Base President

Tracey Montanari, PHL Base Vice President

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