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3.12.20 – 30-Day Travel Suspension from Schengen Area Countries

Thursday, March 12, 2020

President Trump Suspends Foreign National Travel from the Schengen Area Countries in Light of Coronavirus

Dear Fellow Flight Attendants,

The announcement by the President last night of the 30-day travel suspension from the Schengen Area countries understandably creates questions and major concern for all Aviation workers.

The travel restriction applies to foreign nationals who have been in 26 European countries with open borders agreements, in the last 14 days. Those exempt from these restrictions, such as U.S. citizens, will be directed to limited airports where screening can take place.”—-The White House (March 11, 2020)

This travel ban excludes the United Kingdom (England/Ireland). It also does not extend to U.S. citizens or their immediate family members or legal permanent residents.

As you are aware, we have been in close communication with management  throughout this crisis. What we know now is that our schedule will remain intact today and flights to/from the Schengen Area countries will operate through Friday, March 13.  While our planes are not restricted from flying these routes, we can expect reduction in customer bookings and an increase in cancellations, further impacting our flying schedules and adding to the uncertainty surrounding this situation.

APFA’s Union leadership will join a teleconference today for updates on the impact this ban will have on our flying schedules and our airline’s plans moving forward. We are simultaneously working on options for extended leaves for our members, pay protections and ways to minimize impact on our jobs. Please go to on our APFA website for the latest coronavirus updates.

I’ve heard from many of you and I know these are trying times for our members. I want you to know that we are continuing to work closely with  our airline, other Unions, and contacts on Capitol Hill to do all we can to protect our health, our jobs and stability of the industry moving forward. We will continue to update you as details are provided.

As Flight Attendants, we operate under extremely stressful conditions and your professionalism does not go unnoticed. Thank you for all you do every day to ensure that our skies are safe.

In Unity and Solidarity,

Lori L. Bassani

APFA National President

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