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3.17.20 – Extended Voluntary Leaves of Absence

APFA Special Hotline

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Extended Voluntary Leaves of Absence

APFA has reached an agreement with the company to provide extended voluntary leaves of absences, “VXLOA.” These leaves will be proffered by base and awarded in seniority order. The number of leaves in each base will be determined by the staffing requirements in each base.

VXLOA leaves are unpaid, but do include full seniority accrual for; pay, bidding and vacations. You do not accrue any vacation or sick days while on the VXLOA.

VXLOA s will allow you to continue your medical, dental, and vision coverage, and life insurance, and AD&D benefits at the company subsidized “active rate” (what you currently pay out of each paycheck.) Flight Attendants will be direct billed for these coverages, and premiums must be paid current to keep these coverages.

A Flight Attendant on a VXLOA retains full non-revenue travel privileges as though they were an active employee.

A Flight Attendant with a scheduled vacation during the VXLOA, has the option to cash out that vacation at the beginning of the leave, or to defer the vacation till they return.

A Flight Attendant on VXLOA will return to their base of record at the end of their leave, but has the option to bid for any new bases that open, and if successful in the base bid, end the leave early and report to the new base.

Flight Attendants on a VXLOA must keep their annual recurrent training (CQ) up to date. You may attend CQ in your base month, or if not, must attend in your grace month.

VXLOA s will be awarded in 6, 9, and 12 month blocks.
Once awarded a VXLOA, the Flight Attendant must accept the leave.

If the company needs to cancel the VXLOA, they may do so with, at least, a 60-day notice. Early returns will be offered in seniority order, and drafted back to work in reverse seniority order.

Flight Attendants eligible to bid, include all Flight Attendants who have completed their probationary period, and are on an “active” status on March 16, 2020. “Active” status for this proffer includes Flight Attendants on payroll receiving pay from the company, including paid sick, salary continuance, and flight attendants on a VOLO or VLOA leave.

You may bid for this leave between March 17, 2020 and March 23, 2020 at 2359 Dallas time.

For more information, see the Q&A document on the APFA website by clicking here.

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