3.20.20 – Hotel & Transportation Update

Friday, March 20, 2020


During this unprecedented crisis, our layover accommodations and transportation assignments are fluctuating and ever-changing.

Please be assured that the APFA National Hotel department has been in constant communication with the Hotel Contract department in order to ensure you have a safe, comfortable, and secure layover.

Your apprehension is understandable, and we appreciate your patience and flexibility.

With the constantly growing list of hotel closures, hotel restaurant closures and city curfews, ensuring your layover needs are met has become a non-stop challenge.

  • Hotels have been contacted and have provided a detailed list of additional cleaning measures taken for guest rooms and public areas.
  • Third-party transportation companies have committed to additional cleaning measures before/after each crew transport.
  • Dedicated crew-exclusive shuttles with additional cleaning measures have been requested by the company for all public hotel shuttles.


Daily communications with the Hotel Contract department have prioritized food availability for flight attendants in addition to securing accommodations and transportation. The company is working with our hotel partners, local airport management and the food and beverage department to identify available food options as well as making the necessary relocations when identified. While every attempt is being made to ensure you have food options available, we recommend, if at all possible, you bring food from home. The APFA Hotel department has secured complimentary refrigerators and microwaves wherever a fee had normally been imposed. If you encounter a fee, please request direct billing from hotel to the company and if not possible, submit expense to your FSM for reimbursement.

Please utilize the APFA Hotel and Transportation Feedback form whenever hotel or food options are not available. This form is forwarded to the Hotel Contract department for attention and action as well as providing this department with valuable documentation. The Hotel/Transportation Feedback form is available on the apfa.org home page and does not require a log-in.

Thank you for all the information/documentation you have provided. It is greatly appreciated and makes a difference for our amazing flight attendants, who deserve safe, comfortable, quiet, secure, and clean accommodations!

In Unity,

Julia A.C. Simpson
APFA National Hotel Chair

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