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3.23.20 – President Update on VXLOAs Changes

Monday, March 23, 2020

President Update on VXLOA Changes

Dear Fellow Flight Attendants,

We are in a quickly changing environment during this health crisis and we are continually seeking improvements and protections for our members from the Company.

Just to keep you updated, we have been able to:

    • Secure a 3-month option for the VXLOA, extended leaves.
    • The Company has also agreed to allow all Flight Attendants to wear masks, the issue being supply – so we can bring our own in a neutral color.
    • They have also agreed to provide distancing on the aircraft by booking passengers in seats away from Flight Attendants;  and, to modify some inflight services to minimize multiple interactions with passengers.
    • Eligibility to take the VXLOA/VEOP has changed to those who were active as of March 16-23, as opposed to previously only including March 16.


We are in the process of discussing pay protections for April schedules, and I know that you are all seeing trips drop off your schedules. Please be patient, as there are so many variables that we need to consider. Just know that we are actively working on this piece.

I will keep you updated as things change. Thank you all for your letters to management, your voices are important, and you are being heard. We appreciate your patience and support during these trying times.

Stay healthy and fly safe.

In Unity,

Lori L. Bassani
APFA National President

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