4.01.20 – A Message from Your New National Officers

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

A Message from Your New National Officers

(From left to right: Erik Harris, Josh Black, Julie Hedrick, Larry Salas)

Hello everyone, this is Julie Hedrick, APFA National President. Your Officers, which include National Vice President Larry Salas, National Secretary Josh Black, and National Treasurer Erik Harris, are taking office during a time of unprecedented uncertainty and concern. We take our new responsibilities seriously and will do all that we can to protect your health and your earning potential as we chart a course through unknown territory.

We would like to extend a “thank you” to our outgoing Officers- National President Lori Bassani, National Vice President Liz Geiss, National Secretary Lisabeth Hillman, and National Treasurer Craig Gunter. Thank you for your service to the membership, and for your guidance during our transition into our new roles.

As you know, American has stated that the May 2020 flying schedule will be pulled down by 80%. That is a staggering number. The transition time, following the run-off election, has been brief. During this time, I have been briefed on some of the decisions related to the dramatic reduction in flying and what it means for you going forward as we take office. As the company inputs massive cancellation packages, we will update you with any changes that might affect your work schedules.

In the coming days, I will be announcing the Department Chair appointments, and Larry will be announcing the Regional Representatives who will represent members in the System Board of Adjustment (SBA) department. Thank you to all who submitted resumes for these positions- we are grateful to see so many willing to serve.

Our number one priority right now is the health and safety of you and your family. Things changed for all of us overnight- you may suddenly find yourself homeschooling children or caring for grandchildren. You may find yourself unable to commute to work with the reduced schedule, all while dealing with incredible anxiety due to the unknowns associated with COVID-19. These changes can be overwhelming. We will continue to work on options and flexibilities that will help you manage these changes.

Our industry is facing its greatest challenge. We are fighting an invisible enemy. We made a commitment to you during the election: we will be ready to serve on day one. In the coming days, we will be working to make sure Flight Attendants and all front-line aviation workers receive our fair share of any government grants accepted by American Airlines, and most importantly, our jobs are protected.

Please take care of each other and fly safely.

In Solidarity,

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