4.11.20 – May 2020 DFW Manning and Allocations

April 11, 2020

May 2020 DFW Manning and Allocations

Manning Information and Flying are Preliminary and Subject to Change prior to Bid Sheet Publication.

Manning Information

  • Active Headcount: 4,177
  • Available Headcount: 2,919
  • Bid Jobs/Line Holders: 1,866
  • Reserves: 881
  • No Schedule Line-holders: 1,430
  • Voluntary Leaves of Absence (XLOA, VEOP, LSVEOP, VLOA): 1,731
  • Targeted Line Average: 75.5 hours
  • System Line Average: 75.2 hours


Allocations Information

We are in unprecedented times with the pull down of our operation by 80% from May 2019. The Flight Attendant block time is down substantially. Network Planning continues to evaluate the operation and flight cancellations may continue to occur. The Allocations Department had to re-optimize the pairings for May seven times before they developed a suitable set of pairings. Many considerations were taken into account when programming the software. Providing satisfactory hotels, procuring food while on layovers and limiting time away from base all played a part in making the decision to limit pairings to two duty periods and/or three calendar days (to the extent possible). We have a good mix of two-day trips with a variety of report and release times to benefit all. The downside of the programming was the effect it had on turns. Turns are down considerably for May. We provided a list of pairings for modification, which may generate additional turns for May. We know how important turns are for our base and asked for improvements for June. Allocations will take our feedback into consideration. Crew connections (sit-time) may be increased due to fewer banks at each hub. DFW will have five banks operating daily and hub-to-hub flying operates daily as well. ODANS, redeye and domestic wide-body flying will cease after the schedule change on May 7th. All IPD flying (LHR, MAD, CDG NRT) will operate on 787-800 equipment after the schedule change.

We realize that many changes are occurring rapidly, and our flying is changing daily. Optimizer programming may be adjusted monthly to respond to these changes. The May solution of limiting trips to two duty periods may change for June. We welcome your feedback regarding the new software programming and will pass your opinions to the Allocations team.

Important Timelines

4/14 PBS Opens noon DFW time
4/18 PBS Closes noon DFW time
4/21 PBS Awards Final

3FA and 4FA Percentage of Sequences


3FA and 4FA Overnight Rest Distribution

Overnight rest 10-10:30 hrs: 2.9%
Overnight Rest 10:30-11 hrs: 4.7%
Overnight Rest 11-12 hrs: 9.5%
Overnight Rest 12-14 hrs: 38%
Overnight Rest 14-16 hrs: 22.5%
Overnight Rest 16-24 hrs: 18.2%
Overnight Rest 24-34 hrs: 4.1%

3FA & 4FA Productivity

Credit Hours per Calendar Day: 5:17 hrs
Schedule Block Hours per Calendar Day: 4:34 hrs
Credit Hours per Duty Period: 5:29 hrs

3FA & 4FA Sit-Time

2 Hours: 15.9%
2.5 Hours: 2.9%
3 Hours: 3.8%

3FA & 4FA Leg Distribution

1 Leg—45%
2 Leg—18.4%
3 Leg—36.4%

3FA & 4FA Duty Distribution

Duty length is calculated including sign-in and release time.
3 to 4 hours of duty: 14.3%
4 to 5 hours of duty: 22.4%
5 to 6 hours of duty: 6.9%
6 to 7 hours of duty: 1.8%
7 to 8 hours of duty: 3.7%
8 to 9 hours of duty: 8.0%
9 to 10 hours of duty: 8.5%
10 to 11 hours of duty: 10%
11 to 12 hours of duty: 10.5%
Greater than 12 hours: 11.3%

3FA & 4FA Block Distribution

3 hours or less: 27.2%
3 to 4 hours: 19.2%
4 to 5 hours: 8.1%
5 to 6 hours: 10.8%
6 to 7 hours: 11%
7 to 8 hours: 11%
8 to 9 hours: 12.6%

DFW Combined Operation Percentage of Sequences All Equipment/All Positions 

  • 1D—7.9%
  • 2D—78.2%
  • 3D—13.6%
  • 4D—0.3%

Designated email for Allocations and Manning questions and concerns. dfwbidsheet@apfa.org

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