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4.28.20 – PHL Base Brief – Satellite Flying

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Satellite Flying

Satellite trips are available for any PHL-based Flight Attendant to bid in PBS. They will NOT be assigned or awarded to anyone who does not bid a satellite trip.

Applicable JCBA Satellite Base language may be found in Section 10.U.

  • Section 10. U.2.a: “All active Flight Attendants in an active bid status who are based at the crew base city to which the satellite base is linked may bid for the trip sequences that originate from the satellite base.”
  • Section 10.U.2.b: “Flight Attendants awarded a trip sequence originating from the satellite base shall be responsible for their own transportation to and from the satellite base without exception.”
  • Section 10.U.2.c: “A Flight Attendant who fails to submit a bid or fails to bid for sufficient number of sequences shall not be assigned a satellite base trip sequence.”


All PHL-based Flight Attendants may bid for satellite trips in TTS. Satellite trips in TTS are not awarded or assigned to anyone who does not place the trips in their ballot. If you ballot for a PIT satellite trip, there is a pop-up window that indicates you have bid for a satellite trip. You have to acknowledge that pop-up window before placing your bid.

Currently, the only open TTS sequences right now are PIT satellite trips. Almost all of the PIT flyers are NSL non-bidders, or they took one of the various leaves. The trips are in open time because they cannot be assigned in PBS to anyone who does not bid for them.

If you bid a satellite trip either on purpose or by mistake, you may reach out to the PIT Satellite Coordinators for help or more information. Sarah Fischer or Rose Filipponi may be reached at

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