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4.29.20 – Leave of Absence Options for June

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Leave of Absence Options for June

The Company has informed APFA that an overage of Flight Attendants for the June bid exists due to a lack of flying hours system-wide. As a result, new voluntary leave options will be available, in addition to offering additional Paid Voluntary Leave of Absences (PVLOA’s) under the terms of the previous Letter of Agreement.

Paid Voluntary Leave of Absence (PVLOA)

As in previous months, the Company will be offering PVLOA’s. As an addition, the offer will include a 1-month PVLOA along with the 3, 6, 9 and 12-month PVLOA options. Here are some of the details for the new 1-month PVLOA:

The Company will not contest unemployment for any PVLOA, and you will accrue sick and vacation for the duration of the PVLOA. You may be subject to Reserve upon return from a PVLOA. Bidding for the PVLOA will open today, April 29th at 1500 (CDT), and will close Wednesday, May 6th at 0800 (CDT).

PVLOA Extensions

The Company will be offering extensions for those Flight Attendants that are currently on a PVLOA. If you were previously awarded a 3,6 or 9-month PVLOA, you may request an extension. If you are awarded an extension, your new return date will match the end dates of the current 6, 9, and 12-month PVLOA’s- October 31, 2020, January 30, 2021, and May 1, 2021, respectively.

**New** 70-Hour Voluntary Leave of Absence (VLOA)

The Company will be offering a new 70-hour Paid Voluntary Leave of Absence. Bidding for the 70-hour VLOA will open on Friday, May 8th at 1200 (CDT), and will close on Sunday, May 10th at 1200 (CDT). The 70-Hour VLOA will be awarded before PBS bidding opens. The 70-hour VLOA will be offered to Lineholders and Reserves, and will be awarded in accordance with normal JCBA VLOA awarding procedures.

Please note: If you are awarded a 70-hour VLOA, 70 hours of credit will be added to your line and will be offset by any pay and credit on your schedule for June- this includes vacation, carryover time, or sick time. TTS/UBL, and ETB will not be available to Flight Attendants who are awarded a 70-hour VLOA, and you will have no obligation to the Company for the June bid month. If you are awarded a 70-hour VLOA, you will accrue sick and vacation. If you were projected to be on Reserve for June, the 70-hour VLOA will satisfy your Reserve obligation.

We hope that these options offer some flexibility for those who wish to take some time away from work. We are in unprecedented times, and we are committed to seeking solutions to handle the current staffing overage.

In Solidarity,

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