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5.01.20 – Contract & Scheduling Departments Update

Friday, May 1, 2020

June Bidding Timelines

With all the timeline changes that we have experienced over the last few months, it is important to stay up-to-date. Here is a chart that will provide you with the updated June Bidding Timeline.

Airport Standby Times Updated

Please note that the Airport Standby Times for May have been changed to more closely match the operation. The bidsheet cover page on the Flight Service website has been updated.

You may also view the new times by Clicking Here.


April Pay Protection Reminders

Information on how the March/April LOA Pay Guarantee Works

Crew Comp will not be applying the LOA Pay Guarantee Protection on your schedule until Closeout (this occurs on the 1st-10th of the month following). Throughout the month your PPROJ will fluctuate depending on changes to your schedule. Any trading, dropping, paid sick, unpaid sick, POs, carryover time, etc., will affect your PPROJ, making it higher or lower. These cancellations are fluid and rolling.

Everything is based off what your PPROJ is at the end of the month.


Information on How the May 2020 LOA Pay Guarantee Works

The APFA Scheduling Department has created an updated version of the May 2020 Pay Guarantee Letter of Agreement (LOA) Q&A to further explain how pay guarantee will be calculated. This document provides multiple examples in how adjusting your schedule via pick-ups, drops, trades, etc. will affect your final pay guarantee.


May 2020 Non-Schedule Lineholder (NSL)

A Flight Attendant who is an NSL for May 2020, if you picked up any sequences you will be pay protected under the normal JCBA pay protection language. Your NSL was added to your schedule as pay and credit and will show on your May Activity Sheet (HI1) as a PD PROJ. The PD PROJ amount you show will not change, regardless if you have cancellations or drop any sequences you subsequently picked up.

If you experience a partial cancellation and there is a crew sub, equipment sub, or reschedule you will be pay protected the greater of the original awarded value of the sequence or the actual value of the sequence. If your sequence has a partial cancellation with a crew sub, equipment sub, or reschedule and you are removed from the sequence, you will see a removal code of XR, ES or RS on your Activity Sheet (HI1). These are pay protected codes.

JCBA 10.L. pay protects for a last sequence or last series of sequences. Any sequence with a LS removal code on your Activity Sheet (HI1) is pay protected under the JCBA with no obligation.


Paid Voluntary Leave of Absence Ballot

Bidding for the 1-month, 19-Hour PVLOA closes on Wednesday, May 6th at 0800 CT.

Access the 19-hour PVLOA Ballot by Clicking Here.

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