5.09.20 – June 2020 ORD Allocations

Saturday, May 9, 2020

June 2020 ORD Allocations

Hello ORD Flight Attendants!

We would like to acknowledge and congratulate all of our AA colleagues who chose the early out option. We wish you all the best as you start the next chapter of life. For those ORD-Based Flight Attendants who took the Voluntary Early Out Program (VEOP), it has been a pleasure representing you. Thank you for your dedication to our profession, and support of your Union over the years.

For those of you on PVLOA, the APFA website has a new Unemployment Resource Page. Please enjoy your time off.

April Pay Protections were expected to get captured at closeout and paid on the May 15th paycheck. Unfortunately, there is now a delay. This pay protection is in addition to what is provided in the JCBA, so it is a manual process. Once Pay Comp has completed their audit, the data will be sent to Payroll for special processing. Pay Comp states they expect the process to be completed by the May 30th paycheck, or separate checks may be cut prior to that date. We know your pay is critical, and our APFA National Officers have been pushing the Company for a quicker resolution. Please keep copies of your HI1/HI2, these can also be accessed from the ePays activity sheet.

We continue to work with Flight Service and APFA HDQ to make sure you have the most up to date information on COVID-19. Click Here, for the latest Coronavirus updates.

The AA/APFA Critical Response Team is actively conducting virtual support sessions for Flight Attendants. This is a great positive approach to dealing with the fears, stress and anxiety of the world we are living in. To sign up please call the CIRT Peer Support line 800-998-8194. Click Here for more information.

The June Allocation call took place yesterday. The Company addressed our concerns with the sequences for this month. System-wide, 96% of duty days are 1 or 2 legs and there is a better mix of 1, 2, and 3-day trips. We continue to ask for more wide-body domestic flying. Flying hours have been more evenly distributed among the bases, and have increased slightly in June to 36,999, compared to 31,846 in May.

Bidding now is open for the 70-Hour VLOA. Click Here for more information.

Please continue to use the Scheduling System Issues Report Form on APFA.org to report TTS/ETB/ROTA issues. Our team continues to work for resolutions to violations and program fixes.

When you have a workplace issue, please make your first call for assistance to the base Professional Standards Representative. We believe the peer-to-peer approach to conflict resolution is highly effective. It is also preferable to a solution that involves management which can compound the problem. Jillian Bocenda is the ORD Base Representative. She can be reached at 847-828-1431 or prostandards@apfa.org.

June Bidding Timelines

Thank you for your patience during this turbulent time.  Things are changing daily.  Please stay up to date by reading the APFA Hotlines and company CCI.  We remain available for questions.

Be kind to one another, and stay safe!

In Unity, 

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