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5.10.20 – DFW Base Brief – DFW VP Ballot Count/70-Hour VLOA/Extended Leaves/April Pay Protections

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Hello, DFW! We want to thank everyone for your patience as we move thru these challenging times. These last few months information has changed daily, if not hourly and we want to ensure that you are up to date with the current info. Another form of communication we have offered is if you are on Facebook, we have a non-sanctioned Union page called, DFW Union News. Please feel free to join, as we try to update with latest info and answers any questions that you may have.

DFW VP Ballot Count

The DFW VP ballot count will be held on May 29 at 0830am at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites DFW-West located at 820 Thousand Oaks Drive, Hurst, TX 76054. The Ballot Count is open to any APFA member in good standing; however, they may have restrictions placed on how many people may be present in the room at one time. Due to these restrictions that may be placed on room occupancy, candidates and their designee(s) will have priority in attending the ballot count. The NBC will make every effort to follow the procedures for candidates outlined in Policy Manual Section 14.Q.1.c. They are also preparing for the DOL procedure whereby a candidate may, upon request, be escorted into the counting area to observe the ballot count at a closer proximity. To protect the safety of the people working and attending the ballot count, they will be practicing social distancing. They also request that anyone in attendance bring a mask to wear in the ballot count room.

70-Hour VLOA

If you are awarded a 70-hour VLOA, please note that the 70-hours of credit will be added to your line and will be offset by any pay and credit on your schedule for June- this includes vacation, carryover time, or sick time. TTS/UBL, and ETB will not be available to Flight Attendants who are awarded a 70-hour VLOA, and you will have no obligation to the Company for the June bid month. If you are awarded a 70-hour VLOA, you will accrue sick and vacation. If you were projected to be on Reserve for June, the 70-hour VLOA will satisfy your Reserve obligation. You may access the ballot via Jetnet > Flight Service > 70-hour VLOA Bidding. Bidding for the 70-hour VLOA will close on Monday, May 11th at 1200 (CDT).

Extended Leaves

The Company has advised that Crew Planning was getting a new schedule from Network Planning and wanted to wait a few days before awarding them. However, they are highly confident that they will go ahead and process in the next few days. Since most of the extended leaves are FAs out until at least the end of July, the extensions do not need to be done immediately. They stated they were going to process them after the PVLOA and VLOA were done.

April Pay Protections

The Company has advised that the April flight hours and contractual pay protections (reschedules, last sequence/last series, crew sub) that falls under the JCBA will be paid on the 05/15 check. The April monthly guarantee (cancellations) that fall under the LOA are being handled manually and will be paid in a separate check no later than 05/30. The Company advised that they will make every effort to have it paid sooner, rather than later.

CQ Schedule

The Company reached out to APFA to avoid possible problems during the May training month. The number of students requiring training due to the training center closure, and the uncertainty of whether the training center could be brought back online 100% in May while trying to adhere to social distancing protocols presented numerous challenges.

The Company made the decision to cancel the training roster for May and remove TI dates on the schedule for the month May. Flight Attendants will now be able to enroll into MAY classes on a VOLUNTARY BASIS (excluding FEB base month FAs set to go QI in May).

The Union agrees this option offers the Training Department flexibility during an unprecedented time, while providing Flight Attendants an option to attend a later training date once the situation stabilizes. FEB / MAR base month FAs will remain in their current training dates so their TI will remain unchanged to ensure they have priority to be in the class of their choice due to their qualification expiration before April and May base month FAs.

DFW KCM Temperature Check

The temp checks at DFW are at the KCMs from 0830 to 1800.  If you register 100.4 or higher, you will be retested again.  If after waiting 15 minutes it is still 100.4 or higher on the third register, you will be sent home and provided with instructions on what to do next.  So, please keep in mind that if you have anything that requires you to clear customs, if you go through KCM again, you will be scanned again.  Flight Service has advised that this is not optional, as they are testing all FAs at DFW and MIA currently at KCM.  Other bases will soon follow.

MAD Layover Relocation

MAD layover has changed to the airport hotel, NH Barajas.  The Spanish government is only allowing fifteen (15) hotels to be open that are not being used for hospital care.  Therefore, the Novotel Madrid Center (our current contracted downtown hotel) is now unable to re-open.  They do plan to be open to receive on crews on June 7 or 8. Pickup time for your return will be at 0905.  Due to the lock down, you are only allowed to take a walk during 06.00 to 10.00 am or 08.00-11.00 pm.  If there are changes to the lock down, they will share with you the additional information. The hotel services will be given at the restaurant. For breakfast, the times are from 06.00-10.30 am, extending to 11.00 for weekends. For lunch and dinner, the times are from 01.00-11.00 pm. The following will be given in a box that you can eat in your room:


Other Meal Service Delivery Options


Nearby Services

The pharmacy is opposite of the mini market. You are also allowed to go to the Pharmacy or mini market to buy any essentials.

Layovers in CUN, GDL, MEX

Currently CUN, GDL and MEX will now be turns through the month of May. The Mexican government is only allowing crews to do turns into these cities and not layover in them as scheduled. They have not advised if this is just for May only or if it will continue through June or be applicable to any other city.

Snack Bags on Flights

On May 1st, AA began offering snack bags for flights between 900-2199 miles. FAs are required to bring the cart out (angled in F/C) and place the inserts with the snack bags on top of the cart during boarding. The passengers pick up the snack bags themselves during boarding and hold on to them until the end of the flight. They either take it with them or leave it at their seat. There is no pick-up service, but pick-up only when passenger requests.  A PA has been added to the tablet under the COVID-19 PAs.

New Training Deadline

A new web-based training has been loaded in all of our Learning Hubs.  It is called Minimum Crew Requirements.  The lesson is due on June 30.  This web-based training is also required to be completed if you are out on a PVLOA.

What is Professional Standards?

Professional Standards is a program designed to mediate conflict resolution between Flight Attendants from an unbiased point of view. It is the last line before involving the company and has a high-efficiency rate of protecting Flight Attendants from mandatory face-to-face meetings with company management. PLEASE utilize Professional Standards in instances involving behavior or conduct that is unbecoming of an American Airlines Flight Attendant. All participants remain anonymous.

Professional Standards has intervened in situations for substance abuse, Pilot/FA conflict and professional working behavior on board our aircraft as well as harassment. Please note that once the company has been notified at any time by any party, the Professional Standards representatives take a hands-off approach. Please utilize them first.

Our APFA DFW Professional Standards extension is monitored continuously to ensure a prompt response. (817) 540-0108 | APFA Ext: 8606

Your DFW Leadership

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DFW Allocations/Manning Committee

Your Union is here for you. If you have questions, please note that APFA offers help in all departments. Utilize these tools that are available to you, especially if we are away from our phones. Schedule/Contract, Health, IOD and hotel reps all are a wealth of knowledge during business hours, as well as Live Chat. Call (817) 540-0108 or visit for more information.

In closing, as we forge ahead in very uncharted waters, you have our commitment that we will always work hard to protect you, your health, your safety and keep you informed to the best of our ability. Please reach out to us if you ever have a need or concern. We are committed to you.

In Unity,

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