5.20.20 – LGA Base Brief – Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

LGA Flight Attendants,

Hello to everyone, after our extended time on the ground here at the LGA Base. Many of us are anxious and ready to return to flying. We wanted to welcome our members back. Plus, provide you some updates and reminders as we enter the skies in a very different way.

The planned move for LGA operations from its current location was scheduled for early May. However, it has been delayed until the first week of June. Once we have the exact date, we will provide you the latest information.

Commuting Flight Attendants and Flight Attendants on extended leaves – If you have not been able to retrieve your belongings from the LGA bag storage room, contact the service desk and let them know so that they can help you make arrangements for belongings.

Before you return to the skies, ensure that your FAA required tablet is updated and fully charged. Read your CCI messages and make sure your ID has not expired. Verify the expiration date of your passport and contact your FSM if you need to renew your passport while government buildings are still under strict guidelines.

It is vital to familiarize yourself with new procedures such as mask usage for both crew members and passengers. There have been updates posted both at APFA.org and AA Flight Service. The information regarding crew requirements and passenger requirements is important.

Regardless of how you get to work, you should be aware of reduced flight schedules and reduced public transportation schedules. It is crucial to plan accordingly. The commuter policy remains in place; however, you may not have as many flight choices as you previously did. APFA has asked the Company to make accommodations for commuting members. The Company has not granted our request.  For those of you who drive, you will continue to park in the employee lot at LGA. Terminal parking is currently allowed temporarily at JFK and EWR. Enter the terminal parking area using your proximity card.

Over the last few months, we had relied on Facebook as a fast, direct communication method when we needed to get information out to you promptly. Per the APFA Policy Manual, Base Brief information may take up to five days to be released. When information is changing in a rapid-fire manner, we have relied on Facebook as the quickest method possible of communication. We know that not everyone uses Facebook for their information regarding flying, and would like to give you the same access to information when the need arises to send out information to those not on Facebook quickly. We will be compiling an email list for those of you who would like to be included in any rapid-fire updates. Please send your email address to either myself, Robert Norvell, prlga@apfa.org or Penelope King vplga@apfa.org.

With planned service of JFK-LHR flying in June, here is the latest food availability update from the long LHR hotel:

  • Breakfast is a boxed offering collected from Reception, with hot drinks available.
  • Ashburn’s Bar is open from 13:00 until 20:30 for food and drink, take away only. It is a reduced menu and has crew favorites: Cajun Salmon, Fish and Chips, Burger and Caesar Salad, with daily specials offered every day for more variety.
  • The hotel bar is fully stocked. Starbucks is also available. And the hotel is restricted to take away orders for consumption in the crew room or in guest rooms.


If you have any other questions or concerns regarding other layover markets, email us and we can investigate further.

We look forward to the return of NYC flying with our LGA members.

In Unity,

Robert Norvell
APFA LGA Base President

Penelope King
APFA LGA Base Vice President

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