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5.30.20 – PHL Base Brief – Management and Support Staff Cuts/PVLOAs/July Bidding/Updating Contact Info

Saturday, May 30, 2020

  • Management and Support Staff Cuts
  • Reopening of PVLOAs
  • July Bidding
  • Updating Your Contact Information


Management and Support Staff Cuts

The Company announced they are making plans to downsize company management and support staff by 30%. American will be offering voluntary separations packages, and if they still need additional cuts, they will move to involuntary separation packages.

Jill Surdek hosted a Town Hall call-in Q & A, where she discussed the status of our airline. She indicated that while flights are filling up, we are only booking at 85% max capacity and currently operating at 30% of our flight schedule. They are anticipating another 10% increase in flying for July system-wide.

Reopening of PVLOAs

The Company has reopened the balloting for PVLOA’s for Flight Attendants. The current offering is for one month or three-month leaves, and you may choose to have your leave paid at 19 hours per month, or you may choose an unpaid option.

Balloting is currently open and will close on Monday, June 1st, at Noon (CDT). The PVLOA ballot may be found here.

The Company is not currently offering any extensions to those who are already on a PVLOA but may do so later as they continue to build the future flight schedule.

The Company also announced they would be offering a 70-paid VLOA for July. With the return of more flying for July, they anticipate offering about half as many 70-hour VLOA’s as compared to June.

July Bidding

For July, we will be back on our original bidding timeline. This means the LRD tool will open July 3rd and close on July 7th, with PBS opening on July 10th and closing on July 15th.

I know how vital IPD flying is for our base. As of now, PHL is not one of the airports where citizens can directly enter the country, and therefore, London, Madrid, and Zurich will not be returning to PHL for July. Until the international restrictions are lifted, we will not have any IPD flying. I will keep you updated.

The Company has retired and parked the A330 aircraft, which means we will be operating the Boeing 787 and 777 when IPD resumes. If you are not 777 qualified, you may ballot on Jetnet. We have been told PHL only 777 classes will be scheduled soon.

Updating Your Contact Information

During the recent National Officer’s election, APFA had many ballots returned due to incorrect addresses. Please visit the to update your contact information. It is crucial for APFA to have your correct contact information and email address over the next several months, as we navigate through unprecedented times. It will be vitally important to stay up-to-date with accurate information.

Update Your Contact Info Here

In Solidarity and Unity,

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