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6.01.20 – CQ Training Bidding System (TBS) Now Open

Monday, June 1, 2020

CQ Training Bidding System (TBS) Now Open

The CQ Training Bidding System (TBS) is now open for July CQ dates. Flight Attendants will bid and be awarded CQ training in seniority order. TBS will only be available in your base month, grace month or one month prior.

The previous process of self-enrollment at the end of the month on a first come/ first serve basis for the next month will no longer be available for CQ training. Additionally, you may only bid one month earlier and it will not change your base month. You will know your CQ class by the time bidding for PBS opens. If you forget to bid, the system can assign you to any open class.

You can begin by going into Crew Portal, Monthly Bids and clicking on TBS – CQ Only.

This will take you to your TBS dashboard which looks very similar to your PBS dashboard. You can click on the Classes tab to view available classes and select the class and date you would like to attend training or you can submit a generic bid for what days you would like to attend.

On the left-hand side, you can see the date offered and the associated times for training. If you are in a base requiring travel to and from training, the flights will be pre-selected for your travel to training.

You can also select various waivers including, attending on vacation or attending if you are on a VLOA.

Please note: the default allows for you to attend in an earlier month. If you have a standing bid and do not wish to attend early you need to check the box.You can also Buddy Bid with up to three other flight attendants, the only requirement is that all of you have the same training status (base, grace or early).

Awards will be available on the 7th at Noon (CT). Go back to the TBS system through Crew Portal and select the “Award” tab to view your class.

If you fail to bid or bid insufficiently for your base or grace month, your training is assigned in seniority order with the first available class you are legal for, on the earliest date of the bid month. You will not be able to preference to not attend in your base month and attend in your grace month.

Bids are processed in the following order:

At this time TBS allows you to bid for CQ training only. For other training, you will continue to submit a ballot via the Flight Service Website.

For more information, the TBS training guide is located on the APFA website under the JCBA tab.

You may also click here to view the TBS training guide.

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