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6.01.20 – Vacation Monthly Rebid (MRB)

Monday, June 1, 2020

Vacation Monthly Rebid (MRB)
The Vacation Monthly Rebid (MRB) is a monthly process which allows you to change your scheduled vacation days by bidding for days not awarded in the annual bid and/or days vacated by Flight Attendants due to retirement, leaves of absence, transfers or as a result of a previous monthly rebid. The MRB matrix contains vacation days not awarded in the annual bid and/or vacation days vacated by Flight Attendants due to retirement, leaves of absence, transfers or as a result of a previous monthly rebid.

What happens to my vacation if I am awarded a PVLOA?
If you have taken a PVLOA and you have vacation that falls during the leave, you are eligible to rebid your vacation into a month outside of the awarded PVLOA. For example, if your PVLOA ends in August, you would be eligible to rebid your vacation in September and beyond. Days not rebid by January 2021 will be paid out no later than February 15, 2021. Please note: The last applicable rebid would be November for January. If you are awarded a 12-month PVLOA, your vacation will be canceled, and you will not be able to rebid the days. These canceled days will be paid out no later than February 15, 2021.

What happens to my vacation if I am awarded a 70-hour VLOA?
If you are awarded a 70-hour VLOA, 70 hours of credit will be added to your line and will be offset by any pay and credit on your schedule for June, including vacation. You do not have the option to cancel your vacation during your 70-hour VLOA and participate in the MRB.

LAX-based Flight Attendant, Daniel Moon, has created this vacation monthly rebid guide in a very helpful video. Please click the image below to watch and follow along with the guide.

You must access the Vacation Management System by logging into Crew Portal and selecting Monthly Bids > Vacation.

Before you submit your rebid, review the monthly rebid matrix, which will show days available for rebid. Select the Monthly Rebid Tab.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you do not change the listed vacation month. This indicates the month for which the monthly rebids are available and beyond for the remainder of the fiscal year. If you change it to another month, it will show it is closed.

Red denotes the day is unavailable to rebid, while green is available to rebid.

A common strategy for rebidding is to obtain 7 (or more) consecutive days to increase the daily paid value and to be able to add VEX days.

To start the process, you will need to click ‘Add/Review MRB Ballots’.

Next, add ballot.

Then, under the unscheduled days tab, you will find your previously cancelled days to rebid.

After you click ‘add bid to ballot’, a calendar for the selected month will appear.  Once again, the calendar will not show the dates that are available or unavailable, so you must know this ahead of time.

Once you have selected the month in which you wish to rebid your days, you will need to select a Bid Start date and a Bid End date.  When you are entering the MAX and MIN days, the MAX day corresponds with the total amount of days you would like to be awarded, and the MIN is the minimum days you would like to be awarded.

You are able to add multiple ballots for the same month, and even the same time period. The MRB process will look to see if you can hold the first request, then second, and so forth until your request is either satisfied or the system has considered all of your ballots.

Additionally, you can add multiple bids and ballots, but only one bid from any ballot will be awarded.  If you want to request multiple moves, multiple ballots are advised.

While your ballot is saved automatically,  it is recommended to either screen shot your ballot, or export to pdf and save/print a copy.

If you are trying to move an existing vacation that was not cancelled out by the PVLOA, it is very important to remember the calendar will not show/indicate where you previously held or currently hold vacation. Additionally, there is no validation process for your rebid, so you must know your current vacation days and where you are bidding.

As you are rebidding your days, you will need to place them in order of importance, and list them horizontally across the ballot.

Now you may create a bid.

Important Reminders:

  • Be cautious, the system allows you to enter any dates and does not alert you if you inadvertently enter a vacation date that does not belong to you. Carefully review your work to avoid entering incorrect days.
  • Although the system allows you to enter any days in the year, only those available in the MRB matrix can be awarded.
  • You may only have a single block of three or less vacation days. You should take this contractual limit into consideration when creating your bids.
  • You may reorder your bids by clicking and dragging.


The monthly rebid is awarded in seniority order. You can be awarded a maximum of one bid per ballot; however, a bid from each of your ballots can be awarded. The system will first attempt to award you from Ballot 1. If your primary bid is not awarded, it will move to your first alternate bid, then your second alternate bid, and so on. Once a bid is awarded from a ballot, the system will not look at the remaining bids in that ballot. Instead, it will move on to Ballot 2.


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