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6.02.20 – Standing Up to Racial Injustices: A Call to Action

APFA Special Hotline

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Standing Up to Racial Injustices: A Call to Action

On May 25th, we watched in disbelief, sadness, and anger as George Floyd was murdered by members of the Minneapolis Police Department. We must stand up in solidarity with the Black Community to denounce these acts of violence. Racism will not be tolerated, not at APFA, not at American Airlines, not in our country, not ever!

Labor Unions have been at the forefront of racial and gender equality and played a crucial role in the battle for Civil Rights legislation in the 1960s. We must do our part as leaders in the Labor Movement to ensure that the Black Members and Representatives of APFA are heard, supported, and treated equally. APFA is committed to putting action behind our words and ensuring that these actions remain in place until racism is eradicated.

What is APFA Leadership doing?

  • We have signed the petitions
  • Joining #BlackOutTuesday in Recognition and Solidarity with the Black Community
  • Providing support for our members who are impacted through our EAP representatives
  • Creating a Diversity and Inclusion Committee to ensure that APFA remains at the forefront of equality


What can you do as an APFA member?

  • Sign the online petitions listed here
  • Join your local and online peaceful protest listed here
  • Donate to one of the many organizations listed here


We remember George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and the countless others that continue to fall victim to systemic racism. We stand firmly together against violence and hate. It cannot, should not, and will not be tolerated. We join Union leaders from across the country in a commitment to end the silence and to continue the difficult conversations until every American says Black Lives Matter.

Standing side-by-side with all of you in Solidarity,

Your APFA National Officers and APFA Board of Directors

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