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6.04.20 – PHL Base Brief – July 2020 Allocations

Thursday, June 4, 2020

July 2020 Allocations

We are slowly starting to see some recovery with July flying. 1084 PHL Flight Attendants took a PVLOA for May. We had 50 additional PVLOA’s effective in June. We have 60 additional PVLOA’s for July, including the 1-month, 19-hour PVLOA. We had 60 Flight Attendants who retired on the VEOP. All of that gives us 1,254 fewer Flight Attendants in PHL than a year ago.

Block hours are still down by 65.6% year over year.

The bulk of the loss of flying is seasonal IPD. PHL is going to struggle until we can regain our international flying. We will not see any IPD returning for July. Currently, the Company is planning LHR, MAD, and ZRH with a start date of August 5th. AMS and DUB are projected to return October 7th, and CDG, FCO, and MAN are planned for October 25th. Please keep in mind these dates are tentative, as PHL is not a designated port of entry. Until the international restrictions are lifted, we will not see any IPD flying.

For July, we see an increase in one-day turns; however, the bulk of the flying is two and three-day trips. Most are a maximum of two legs a day, but there are a few sequences that have a day with three or four legs. Some trips are commutable. If you are a commuter, you may want to check your commuting city’s flight schedule before bidding.

PHL will have 59,370 block hours, and PIT will have 5,424. With the increase in flying, we will see a lower number of VLOA’s offered. The Company has indicated they will be offering about half the number of VLOA’s system-wide. The projected number of VLOA’s for PHL is 244 as compared to 574 last month.

The LRD tool is now open and shows your projected status. The LRD tool has one job, which is to determine Lineholder or Reserve status.

  • Lineholder Status
    If your status indicates you are a Lineholder (L/H), then you will be considered as a Lineholder when VLOAs are processed (regardless if you toggle to RSV).
  • Tentative Status
    If your status indicates Tentative, the default designation in LRD is L/H, which means you will be considered as a Lineholder for the VLOA Bidding process.
  • Reserve Status
    If your status indicates you are Reserve (RSV), then you will be considered as a Reserve when VLOAs are processed (regardless if you toggle to L/H).


If you are Tentative in the LRD, this means you are tentatively a Lineholder but could be moved to Reserve based on how many VLOAs are awarded.

Bidding for the 70-hour VLOA is now open and will close on Sunday, June 7th at Noon (CDT). You may access the ballot via Jetnet > Flight Service > 70-hour VLOA Bidding

If you are bidding for the VLOA, you are requesting a leave and will not be able to pick up carry-over time flying into a leave. If you have vacation in July, it will be included in your 70-hour VLOA pay.

In Solidarity,

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