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6.18.20 – Intermittent FMLA Recode Changes/Updated Face Covering Procedures

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Thursday, June 18, 2020

  • Intermittent FMLA Recode Changes
  • Updated Face Covering Procedures


Intermittent FMLA Recode Changes
To simplify the recode process, the Flight Attendant Service Center is moving to form-based recode requests for Intermittent Family Medical Leaves. Recode request forms are now available through Comply 365 and will be required via this process beginning July 6th800-VIP-CREW #, 6, Option 2 remains available for calling in well, and for Flight Attendants who need to be removed less than 24 hours from sign-in to care for a covered family member, jury duty, or military leave inquiries. The current FMLA timeline on recodes remains the same- you must submit a request for recoding within 48 hours of returning to work.

Updated Face Covering Procedures
On May 11th, the Company informed APFA that passengers would be required to wear a face mask while onboard our aircraft.  Since that date, there have been some updates to the policy.

It is crucial to ensure that we have established procedures for ensuring crews and passengers’ health and safety.

Passengers who are medically exempt from wearing a mask will have an ‘NMOK’ designation in their PNR, and the agent will print a list with the passengers and seat numbers of those that are exempt.

Flight Attendants should follow these steps if they notice or are informed of a customer who is not wearing a face covering:

  1. Complete a cabin walk-thru after the departure and mid-flight PA  to remind customers who are not wearing a face covering and do not have a medical exemption that they must be worn during flight.
  2. Provide a customer a face covering, if needed. There is a small supply in the PPE drawer in the glass cart in premium galleys.
  3. Fill out and submit a CERS report under the customer misconduct > face covering / mask category if, after clear communication of the requirement, the customer refuses to wear a face covering and does not have an exemption for medical or religious reasons. No notification to the customer is necessary, as we want to keep the interaction de-escalated. Include the customer’s name and seat number in the CERS report.
  4. Do not escalate the situation and do not complete a PIDR unless a customer becomes aggressive or threatening. American’s Security team will evaluate the CERS report, and the customer will be notified of the review process as well as any decision made regarding their ability to fly on American in the future.


New PAs Emphasizing Face Covering Requirement
Departure PA:

Your safety and well-being are always our top priorities at American Airlines. To adhere to Centers for Disease Control recommendations, we now require all customers to wear face coverings for the duration of the flight.
Wearing a face covering helps protect you and those around you and demonstrates consideration to others traveling. While it is acceptable to remove face coverings when eating or drinking, you must wear your face covering at all other times during our flight. If you are unwilling to follow this requirement, you may not be allowed to fly with us in the future.

In the event oxygen masks drop from an overhead compartment, remove any face covering prior to placing the mask over your nose and mouth.

For your safety, we’ve made some temporary changes to our onboard service. On this flight, we will not provide a food and beverage service. If you need something, please let us know. If you want to change your seat assignment to provide more distance, please ask a flight attendant. For everyone’s safety, we request that you not move to seats near our jumpseats or the galleys.

Please refrain from placing used cleaning wipes, tissues, or other disposable items in the seatback pocket or toilets. We will now be walking through the cabin to ensure everyone is wearing a mask.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Now more than ever, we appreciate you choosing American. Thank you for your attention. Enjoy your flight.

Mid-flight PA:

As a reminder, American Airlines requires all customers to wear face coverings for the duration of our flight today unless you are eating or drinking. We will be walking through the cabin to ensure everyone is wearing a mask.

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