7.09.20 – APFA ORD Base Brief

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Hello ORD Flight Attendants:

We are so proud of how our Flight Attendants are managing in these uncertain times. The recent Company announcement of Flight Attendant overages, base closings and base resizing was certainly hard to hear. Our Company is changing and many will be forced to make hard, life altering decisions.

APFA is committed to getting you all the resources you need and will provide any new information as quickly as possible. We continue to work with the company on the details of the next round of leaves and VEOP. A team is working on a comprehensive Furlough document with Q&A that will be released soon. There is much work being done behind the scenes. Staying up-to-date on APFA communication is more important than ever.

There are questions coming in regarding inaccurate “My View” attendance points. The Company is still in the process of auditing Flight Attendant attendance and making corrections as a result of the recent attendance arbitration.

The APFA welcomed the announcement that all passengers aboard our aircraft are now required to wear a face mask. The Company is also asking passengers to fill out a health screening assessment during check-in. If a passenger is willfully noncompliant with the face mask policy, please fill out a CERS report so Corporate Security can take the next step.

As of June 4th, temperature checks for Flight Attendants and Team Members in ORD are now required to enter the workplace. Stations will be set up near the KCM entry point and on the K19 ramp level.

There has been renewed interest in a Retirement Seminar. We are working with local Flight Service to see if an in person session is feasible in August. Stay tuned for those details.

Professional Standards

When you have a workplace issue, please make your first call for assistance to the base Professional Standards Representative. We believe the peer-to-peer approach to conflict resolution is highly effective. It is also preferable to a solution that involves management which can compound the problem. Jillian Bocenda is the ORD Base Representative. She can be reached at 847-828-1431 or prostandards@apfa.org.

August 2020 Allocations

The August Allocation and Staffing calls were held this week. There were no surprises. The Company is still building sequences with the same parameters that were in place for July. Job hours have increased month over month (AUG 65,225 vs. JUL 51,753). Turn volume is down slightly (40% AUG vs. 44% JUL), small increase in 2day (43% AUG vs. 38% JUL). We will keep an eye on that number in order to keep trip type balanced. ODANs have increased to 3.9 starts a day in August vs. 2.5 in July. LHR Flight 86 is the only IPD sequence in AUG. There is a 787 DFW turn August 18-30.

August Bidding Timelines


70-Hour August VLOA Bidding is Open

We are projected to have 335 VLOAs offered to our base. You may bid via Jetnet by clicking here.



Thank you for your patience during this turbulent time. Things are changing daily. Please stay up -to-date by reading the APFA Hotlines and Company MobileCCI. We remain available to you for questions.

Be kind to one another, and stay safe!

In Solidarity, 

Susan Wroble
APFA ORD Base President
(630) 802-2268


Dray Howard
APFA ORD Base Vice President
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Scheduling/Contract Representative
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