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7.18.20 – Voluntary Early Out Program (VEOP) and Extended Voluntary Leave of Absence (EVLOA) FAQs – Part II

Saturday, July 18, 2020

July 2020 Voluntary Early Out Program (VEOP) FAQs- Part II

There are three (3) VEOP options available:

Option A: Ten (10) Years or More of Occupational Seniority: Extended Payout/No Lump Sum
Option B: Ten (10) Years or More of Occupational Seniority: Lump Sum Payout
Option C: Fewer Than Ten (10) Years of Occupational Seniority

1. When does the VEOP ballot close?
The VEOP ballot closes at 2359 CDT on July 31, 2020.

2. The 65-Point Plan mentions “Company Service” and the VEOP mentions “Occupational Seniority”.  What are those and where can I look to see them?

  • Company Seniority – the first official day as an employee after Flight Attendant training is completed, or the day previously hired in another department within American Airlines.
  • Occupational Seniority – bidding seniority – occupational seniority is based on the first training day. During the merger, the Unions were responsible for establishing the first training dates for LAA Flight Attendants to align with LUS – that became the seniority list provided and accepted by the company.

You can find both dates on your HI8. Your HI8 may be found in Mobile CCI or DECS.

3. Which seniority on my HI8 applies to which benefit?
If you check your HI8, you will see several seniorities listed. You must have ten or more years of occupational seniority (OCC) to qualify for VEOP A or B.

Use your company seniority (COMP) to see if you qualify for the 65-Point Plan. To qualify for the 65-point plan, you must have a minimum of 10 years of service with American, and your age plus years of service must equal 65.

COMP DTE 16MAY88 <<<<<< To qualify for the 65-Point Plan
OCC DTE 06APR88 <<<<<< To qualify for VEOP Options A or B

4. If I take a VEOP does that mean I will never hold another position with American?
Yes. When you sign the general release, take note of #5. It states you may not be rehired.

5. Can the Retirement Health Reimbursement Arrangement (RHRA) money be used to purchase other insurance once the 30 months of active rates is over?
Yes. To find out more information about covered RHRA expenses, please click here.

6. Is the money in the RHRA pre tax or taxed? 
The RHRA money is pre-tax.

Extended Voluntary Leave of Absence (EVLOA) FAQs- Part II
1. I am currently on a PVLOA and want to take an EVLOA, would my vacation still pay out in Feb 2021?
Yes. Any vacation that falls within the PVLOA months would be paid out in Feb 2021.

2. If I am currently on a PVLOA and have my EVLOA start on October 1, what happens to my vacation I have in January?
The vacation days that now touch EVLOA months will be carried over and available for bidding upon return to work.

In other words, if you have any vacation that touches a PVLOA month, it will be paid out in February 2021. If any of your vacation touches an EVLOA month, it will be able to be rebid upon return to work.

3. A Flight Attendant is at twelve (12) year pay on a PVLOA and transitions into thirteen (13) year pay during the PVLOA. If they then take an EVLOA after the PVLOA ends, will they receive the thirteen (13) year pay on the EVLOA? 
Yes. The pay rate will be based on the date of the start of the EVLOA, and the rate of pay and monthly pay hours will remain the same for the duration of the EVLOA.

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