7.21.20 – August Schedule Changes

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

August Schedule Changes

Due to a drop in customer demand, American recently notified APFA of schedule changes for August. We do not yet have a list of flights, city pairs, or dates, but we know the domestic and NIPD operations will be the most impacted. There are currently no schedule changes planned for international wide-body flying. This will mostly affect flights within a sequence and not necessarily trigger full sequence cancellations.

The cancellations will be for flights operating between July 31st and August 28th. We currently do not have a time frame for when the repairs will be completed since Network Planning has not made their final adjustments. The Crew Scheduling and Tracking teams are set to begin sequence repairs on July 26th. Once that process is completed, American will send out a mobileCCI message.

Earlier this year, when the Company notified APFA of cancellations after the PBS run had been completed, the decision was made to delay the opening of TTS and ETB until the cancellations had been input and sequences had been repaired. This delayed the opening of TTS and ETB until the beginning of the new contractual month, and many Flight Attendants were unable to make changes to their schedule for the first portion of the month.

The cancellations for August will not occur until the 26th of July and will be on a much smaller scale than earlier this year. Therefore, the decision has been made to allow TTS and ETB to open as scheduled. TTS will open on the 23rd of July, processing the first TTS run the evening of the 24th of July. ETB will open on the morning of the 25th. This will allow Flight Attendants two TTS runs before any sequence changes.

Once the cancellations have been added to FOS, any affected sequence could show “failed continuity” as American works through the repairing and rebuilding process. You will not be able to trade, drop or pick-up affected sequences until the repair has been completed. A sequence that fails continuity has an asterisk (*) next to the sequence number on your HI1 (or HI2) and is denoted in the HI3.  If you pick up a sequence in TTS that subsequently cancels, pay protection will be up to the guarantee amounts listed in the August Pay Protection Letter of Agreement. Partial sequence cancellations will be protected under the applicable JCBA sections.

As a reminder, FOS will show the accurate sequence value for a repaired sequence in TTS, UBL, and ETB, not the value for the original Flight Attendant who might have sequence pay protections attached to the sequence.

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