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7.30.20 – **New** Short-Term Leaves of Absence (STLOA)

Thursday, July 30, 2020

**New** Short-Term Leaves of Absence (STLOA)

During the discussion that led to the VEOP and EVLOA’s, APFA repeatedly communicated your desire for shorter leave options effective October 1, 2020. New Short-Term Leaves of Absence (STLOA) will be offered. These shorter leaves will help mitigate involuntary furloughs.

Earlier today, the Company announced the deadline to elect for either an EVLOA, VEOP or STLOA has been extended until Wednesday, August 12 at 2359 (CDT). For more information, or to apply for one the various leaves of absences, please click here.

Here are the details for the new Short-Term Leave of Absence (STLOA):

 Short-Term Leave of Absence (STLOA) Letter of Agreement (LOA)


  • October 1, 2020 through March 2021 with a return date for the bid month of April 2021; OR
  • October 1, 2020 through May 2021 with a return date for the bid month of June 2021.



  • Any Flight Attendant in active status as of July 15, 2020, shall be eligible to bid for an STLOA.
  • Are you currently on a PVLOA? If you are currently on a PVLOA that expires before the bid month of March 2021, you may:
  • Request to convert to an STLOA beginning at the end of your current PVLOA term, and such STLOA will last until the bid month of April or June 2021, depending on which option you choose; OR
  • Convert your PVLOA to an STLOA and start the benefits of the STLOA beginning October 1, 2020.


The Company will determine the total number of STLOAs that will be offered and/ or awarded. STLOAs will be awarded in system seniority order.

Once awarded, the Flight Attendant must accept the STLOA. The Company may reduce the duration of the STLOA with at least 60 days’ notice to APFA and the impacted Flight Attendants but will meet and confer with APFA before doing so. If the Company cancels or reduces any of the STLOAs, the Flight Attendants on leave will be offered return to work dates in occupational seniority order and drafted back to work in reverse occupational seniority order.

You may be required to work a carryover trip prior to the start of an STLOA.


  • For the duration of the leave, Flight Attendants shall be paid out in accordance with the chart below at their current JCBA hourly rate.
  • No other pay will be provided (premiums or minimum guarantees). The pay will be divided and paid out on pay dates pursuant to the JCBA.
  • Any accrued vacation that will not be used as a result of the STLOA will be carried over and available for bidding upon return to work. You will not be eligible for vacation buyback.
  • A Flight Attendant will be eligible for Reserve during the first month back from an STLOA; however, you will only be required to serve Reserve if your seniority requires.
  • A Flight Attendant on an STLOA may attend scheduled training in your base month at your option. A Flight Attendant on a STLOA will be required to attend training in their grace month. 
  • You will accrue Company Seniority, Occupational Seniority, and Longevity Seniority for the duration of your STLOA.
  • You will not accrue sick and vacation and shall not be eligible to use paid sick or vacation time during any portion of your STLOA.
  • You will be eligible for non-revenue travel, including online jumpseat per Company policy, as if you are active.
  • Should a new crew base open during the STLOA, you will have the option to bid for the new base and, if awarded, return early from your STLOA.
  • You will be eligible for active rates for medical, dental, and vision, life insurance, and AD&D benefits. You will be responsible for payment of the employee portion of premiums.
  • The Company will not actively contest unemployment claims.
  • The Company may offer additional six (6) or eight (8) month STLOAs and/or grant voluntary extensions.


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