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8.14.20 – VEOP, EVLOA, & STLOA Eligibility/Vacancy & Mutual Transfer Bidding/Additional VLOAs Awarded

Friday, August 14, 2020


Earlier today, the Company updated the eligibility date to accommodate those who may have returned to work since the original eligibility date of July 15, 2020. The new date of eligibility is August 11th. This means that anyone who has become active between July 15th and August 11th is now eligible for the Voluntary Early Out Program (VEOP), Extended Voluntary Leave of Absence, or the Short-Term Leave of Absence (STLOA).

Active status is defined as a Flight Attendant receiving pay from the Company, such as paid sick/vacation, salary continuance, a previously offered PVLOA/VLOA or FMLA. Military leave is not eligible for an EVLOA.

Note: If you were active on July 15, 2020 and later became inactive, you remain
eligible to participate.

Vacancy & Mutual Transfer Bidding Deadlines Extended

The Company and APFA have reached an agreement to extend the October transfer deadline to allow Flight Attendants to have more time to make a decision on placing a transfer. The new dates are listed below.

October Vacancy & Mutual Transfer Bidding

  • October Transfers Close at 1159 (CDT) on August 17
  • October Transfer Awards Posted No Later Than August 24


Additionally, the November timeline has been adjusted.

November Vacancy & Mutual Transfer Bidding 

  • November Transfer Openings Posted on August 25
  • November Transfers Close at 0830 (CDT) on August 31
  • November Transfer Awards Posted No Later Than September 2


Additional 70-Hour VLOA’s Awarded System-Wide

The Company has notified APFA that they were able to award a few additional 70-hour VLOA’s system-wide after the initial award. You can see the updated award by clicking here, or by checking your dashboard in the Crew Portal for September. If your status is not showing correctly, please notify the FABRC at 888-376-5375 immediately.

Returning from a PVLOA

It is important to note, unlike a Voluntary Leave of Absence (VLOA), a Paid Voluntary Leave of Absence (PVLOA) does not satisfy Reserve rotation. With a PVLOA (paid or unpaid), if your seniority warrants it, you may have to serve Reserve your first month back from the leave.

APFA Guide to How Vacation Works for PVLOA, EVLOA, and STLOA

Please see the most updated vacation chart for questions regarding PVLOA/EVLOA/STLOA questions and your vacation. Click the image below.

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