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8.21.20 – Voter Registration / Early Voting / Census 2020

Friday, August 21, 2020

Election 2020 – Under 75 Days Away – Register Now

First Step – Register to Vote

In many states, you must ensure that you are registered to vote before the election on November 3rd. In 39 states, you can Register to Vote Online in two minutes. If you have not voted in recent elections, you could be considered an inactive voter and your registration could have been purged. Register to vote now!

Check Your Registration Status

Vote Early – How and Where

Many states offer early voting in person. This is the best way for Flight Attendants to ensure our ballots are counted. The nature of our job, whether it is a scheduled layover or an unexpected delay, may prevent us from voting in person on November 3rd. Early voting in person is also a great way to avoid long lines on Election Day!

The pandemic has created challenges to our nation’s most Democratic process. We cannot allow the integrity of our elections and our Democracy to be undermined. For years, Flight Attendants have utilized absentee and mail-in ballot options, and they continue to be an option this year. However, we need the USPS to operate seamlessly to ensure a fair and Democratic election. With uncertainly surrounding how quickly the USPS can deliver ballots, the surest way you can have your ballot counted before the November 3rd deadline is to cast a live ballot early in person.

Check Your State’s Early Voting Options

Elections Matter – Your Future

The ballots that Union members cast in November will have an impact and will affect all three branches of our federal government. The representatives we elect also appoint individuals to other offices where they make decisions that impact our lives daily. For example, the Secretary of Transportation will decide how long we must continue to wait for the implementation of our 10-hour minimum rest.

While the Presidential election may make the biggest headlines, issues such as unemployment insurance and accessibility to workers’ compensation are decided at the state level. These down-ballot races are equally important.

APFA members, we must turn out to the polls because the decisions that are made in Washington directly affect our profession, the strength of our Union, and the lives of hardworking Americans across the country.

More Resources for Voters

US Census 2020 – Be Counted

Every ten years, our country conducts the US Census to count every resident in the United States. As our population changes, districts are redrawn. The US Census determines the number of representatives that your state has in Congress. It also determines how many electoral votes your state has in the Presidential Election. This is why an accurate census count is critical to ensuring the most Democratic and representative process in our future elections.

The deadline for the US Census has been moved up to September 30th! It takes 10 minutes, and you can do it online. Make sure you are counted this year.

Complete the 2020 US Census

Voting is a privilege. It is your power. Vote for your future.

In Solidarity,

Allie Malis
APFA Government Affairs Representative

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