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8.25.20 – LGA Base Brief – Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

LGA Flight Attendants,

As our summer season of flying draws to a close, we would like to express our gratitude and admiration for all you have been doing to support each other and our customers during these tumultuous last several months. We recognize it has not been an easy road. You have performed admirably in the face of much adversity and uncertainty.

Upcoming Changes

We are at the beginning of even more shifts and changes as of October 1st. We prepare to bid farewell to those who have decided to take a VEOP, EVLOA/ STLOA, or are possibly involuntarily furloughed. We are grateful for what you have contributed to making New York the best base in the system. For many of us, this moment is extraordinarily difficult, and your base leadership stands ready to support you.

Employee Assistance Program

The APFA Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Department and the AA/APFA Critical Incident Response Team is dedicated to offering support 24/7. If you need to talk to someone, please reach out. APFA EAP may be reached at (817) 540-0108, or AA/APFA CIRT may be reached at (800) 998-8194.

For those of you who are impacted by an involuntary furlough, we want to make sure you have all the necessary resources to receive your unemployment benefits. Visit dol.ny.govto file your claim. Also, please visit the Unemployment Resources page at or email for assistance.

Contact Information

While you are on leave or furlough, we encourage you to stay connected and up-to-date by reading information put out by APFA and the Company. It is also important that you keep your contact information current with both the Union and Company. The Company does not share contact information with the Union. Please update your address, email and phone number by clicking here.

Minimum Crew

The Company has recently been emphasizing the importance of eliminating minimum crew violations. Violations may result in punitive actions taken against the individual Flight Attendant by the FAA, and fines may be levied against American. Once boarding begins, Flight Attendants are not permitted to leave the boarding door’s immediate vicinity unless performing safety-related duties. All Flight Attendants are required to remain on board for deplaning until the last passenger has deplaned.

ASAP Program

If you violate a FAR inadvertently, please use the Cabin ASAP Reporting System to self-disclose a violation. Doing so will not result in disciplinary action, and is a way for
the Union and the company to improve the safety culture on our aircraft.

Flight Attendant Bidding Resource Center

This summer, the Company announced that Flight Attendant Bidding Resource Center (FABRC) would be shut down permanently. The FABRC has been an incredible resource as we transitioned to the new scheduling systems at FOI. We encourage you to use the available online resources to help navigate PBS, TTS, ETB, ROTA, vacation, etc. Guides and accompanying videos are available on the Flight Service website by accessing Crew Change.

If you encounter any issues or believe you have a mis-award, please continue to use the APFA PBS Mis-award Challenge Form.

Our APFA National Contract & Scheduling Departments will follow-up, and are committed to rectifying any errors. They will make sure you receive any compensation owed to you, and will help you understand a the process and/or final outcome.

Thank you again for all that you do. Your LGA APFA officers and the APFA National Leadership stand in solidarity with you. Please reach out to us via email or phone if you need any assistance. Stay safe, wear a mask, and take care of each other.

In Solidarity,

Robert Norvell
APFA LGA Base President
(718) 350-6023

Penelope King
APFA LGA Base Vice President
(718) 350-7043

1004 West Euless Boulevard
Euless, Texas 76040

Phone: (817) 540-0108
Fax: (817) 540-2077


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