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8.29.20 – Involuntary Furlough Information – Part II

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Involuntary Furlough Information – Part II

On Tuesday, the Company announced the potential for involuntary furloughs beginning with the October 2020 bid month. We continue to compile a list of the most frequently asked questions to guide you through the process. Additional questions may be submitted to an APFA Representative by clicking here.

APFA will continue to look for ways to mitigate furloughs to save as many jobs as possible. We continue to coordinate with other aviation Unions to work towards a clean extension of the Payroll Support Program (PSP) in the hopes that these furloughs will not be necessary. Please continue to call your Congressional representatives daily to insist they return to the table and pass a clean extension of the PSP. The information needed to complete your calls may be found here.

Click Here for Frequently Asked Questions – Part I

Frequently Asked Questions – Part II

Q.37: What are the months being considered in the lookback for furlough pay?
The lookback period begins October 2019 and ends September 2020.

Q.38: I took the 19-hour PVLOA over the course of the summer, will those 19 hours be used in my twelve-month average?
Yes, those hours are included in the 12-month lookback period.

Q.39: How do I find the number of hours I worked during the lookback?
You would go onto Crew Portal and click on FOS Screens and click on the HISK and HISK/L to see the amount of hours worked.

Q.40: When will we know about possible displacements?
The Company has stated, at the earliest, displacements would take place in early 2021, if necessary.

Q.41: Once furloughed, will I receive six (6) D1 travel passes for the 24 months of travel or each calendar year?
At the beginning of 2021 and 2022, you will receive six (6) D1 travel passes.

Q.42: How would I be notified of recall?
You would be notified of a recall by a second-day delivery service, which would require a signature. You must notify the Company of your intent to return within seven days. You may be recalled to a base different from the one you were furloughed, and if you accept the recall to a different base, you would be eligible for moving expenses under JCBA Section 5.

Q.43: If the Extended Voluntary Leaves of Absence (EVLOAs) and Short-Term Leaves of Absence (STLOAs) need to be canceled, who gets called back first, and EVLOA or an STLOA?
It would be done in inverse order of seniority, regardless of leave duration.

Q.44: I am still confused about my seniority on furlough. Can you explain more?
While on furlough, you will continue to accrue occupational seniority, which is your bidding seniority. While on furlough, you will not accrue longevity seniority, which determines your pay step and vacation accrual. It will freeze and restart upon recall.

Q.45: Will my banked incentive points freeze until I am recalled?
Yes, your banked incentive points will freeze and will be available upon your return to active status.

Q.46: What happens to my uniform dollars?
Your uniform dollars will freeze and be available upon your return to active status.

Q.47: Can I transfer to a different base while on furlough status?
No. Transferring to a different base while on furlough is not an option.

Q.48: What is APFA doing to pressure Congress to pass a clean extension of the Payroll Support Program (PSP)?
The focus of APFA and, more specifically, the Government Affairs Department will be on passage of the PSP, including pickets and protests. We are looking into both travel and gathering restrictions that are in place in Washington D.C., so stay tuned for more information.

We have been notified of some last-minute “pop up” pickets at Senator’s field offices in states where we still are pushing for support, such as North Carolina and Florida. We will be working with other aviation Unions within the coming weeks. Stay tuned for future communications. In the meantime, keep calling your state Representatives and Senators every day. Take Action Now.

You can also email the government affairs team at for more information on getting involved.

Q.50: I would like to move overseas during my furlough, can I have a foreign address on file?
Yes, you can have a foreign address on file.

Q.51: My pay anniversary is in December, which means I will have to accrue two more months of longevity when I return from furlough. Is my new pay step anniversary in December or the date two months after I return?
Your new pay step anniversary will be the date two months after you return to active status.

Q.52: What if I am out on an Injury on Duty (IOD) and become furloughed?
If you are out on IOD, you will continue to receive payments from Sedgwick until:

  • your doctor clears them to full duty with no restrictions or
  • a state-imposed doctor returns you to work full duty or
  • you have reached Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI)


If you are furloughed, salary continuance will end. If any salary continuance is due, it will resume once you are recalled from furlough, should you remain on an IOD.

Sedgwick will take offsets applicable by state law for any furlough pay received from the Company. Your weekly or bi-weekly benefits may be reduced. You would need to contact your adjuster as each state law is different. Sedgwick has been updated, so the adjusters are aware.

For more details regarding the involuntary furlough process, please reference this Involuntary Furlough Process Q&A Guide on the Contract Department page at

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