9.03.20 – Keep Your Contact Information Up-To-Date

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Keep Your Contact Information Up-To-Date

It is extremely important to keep your contact information up-to-date, especially for those Flight Attendants who are on a leave of absence or possibly facing furlough. This will allow you to receive recall notices and other pertinent information about your return to service.

To verify or to update your information with the Company, you will need to log into Jetnet > Team Member Services > Update my information.

You will then need to select the links for updating your home address, as well as updating your business or personal phone & email information. You may also use the other links to update any additional information.

Flight Attendants who may be furloughed will not have access to Jetnet beginning on October 3rd. Should you need to update your information after the effective date of your furlough, go to retirees.aa.com and use your same Jetnet user ID and password. Select, “Update My Information” and download the Personal Data Change Form.

To update your information with APFA, go to APFA.org > Members > Update Your Info. You will continue to have access to APFA after the effective date of your furlough, so no steps will change if you need to update your information at a later date.

If you are unable to log into APFA.org, you can email APFA’s Membership Administrator, Erika Reino at ereino@apfa.org or call 817-540-0108, ext. 8153.

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